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Draft Busters 2025 NFL Draft Defensive Line Rankings

2025 NFL Draft
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Draft Busters 2025 NFL Draft Defensive Line Rankings

The Draft Busters are back in your life, and we are coming in hot with the way-too-early 2025 NFL Draft rankings! In this one, Chickster and I will be going through the defensive line and giving our top five Defensive Tackles and EDGE rushers. This defensive class is significantly better than last season, and there was a fair amount of talent last year that got overshadowed by a stellar offensive class. As of May 22nd, I would not be shocked if we saw an EDGE rusher go first overall. But that’s another story for another time.

*Trey has given his rankings, which you can find here. As always, you can find Chickster’s list at the bottom*

Defensive Tackle

5) Tyleik Williams (Ohio State)

We start off our 2025 NFL Draft rankings by looking at the Defensive Tackles, and my number five is Tyleik Williams out of Ohio State. Williams could see his stock soar up if he turns in another season similar to his freshman year, where he totaled five sacks. He’s shown his prowess in the passing game, but if he can become a people eater inside on running downs, he might see his stock rise.

4) Aeneas Peebles (Kentucky)

Next up we have Aeneas Peebles (I will only call him Pebbles going forward), another Defensive Tackle with huge pass rush upside. Pebbles finished the year with five last season, while also showing promise in run defense. Pebbles is on the smaller side at 6’2, 280 lbs but he more than makes up for this with his motor. He never seems to take a play off and is always around the ball if it is between the tackles. Kentucky might have some dudes this season.

3) Kenneth Grant (Michigan)

We have two Nose Tackles next up, the first being one of the two Michigan guys we will talk about in Kenneth Grant. Grant has great size for the position at 6’3, 340 lbs, and finished with All-Big Ten Honors a season ago. A former four-star recruit who should see an uptick in production playing with his running mate, who we will cover shortly. Hand placement is right where you want it to be, and always finds a way to be around the ball.

2) Nazir Stackhouse (Georgia)

The number two Defensive Tackle in the 2025 NFL Draft for me is Nazir Stackhouse out of Georgia. Trey always says that Georgia simply has the best players, and he isn’t wrong. If you are an All-SEC defender, you have my attention. He could use some refining in his pass-rush skills, but there may not be a better Nose Tackle in the country. If we have learned anything in recent years, is that these big guys to plug the run are showing value.

1) Mason Graham (Michigan)

Without a doubt, the best Defensive Tackle in the country is Mason Graham out of Michigan. Former wrestler, which is music to my ears when you play in the interior of the offensive or defensive line. Played very well in the College Football Playoff a year ago, helping Michigan win the National Championship. Motor is very hot, and can stuff the run but also flashed pass-rush upside with three sacks last season. Graham and Grant are going to give offensive coordinators nightmares this season.

EDGE Rushers

5) Nic Scourton (Purdue)

As we transition to the EDGE Rushers for the 2025 NFL Draft, we start off with a double-digit sack artist from a year ago in Nic Scourton from Purdue. We saw a massive jump in production from 2022 to 2023, going from two to ten sacks while playing in three less games. What gets me hot and bothered about Scourton is that he will be just 20 years old when the draft comes around next year. Gobs of untapped potential that might explode onto the scene this year.

4) Landon Jackson (Arkansas)

Frame, Frame, Frame. That’s what stands out about Landon Jackson from Arkansas. 6’7 with an absurd reach. Former four-star guy who stepped up last season, totaling 6.5 sacks on the year. On the bigger side weight-wise for EDGE guys at almost 280 lbs, he may transition to a pure Defensive End in the NFL, but has all the tools to find his way into the first round.

3) Mykel Williams (Georgia)

I think these three are going to be interchangeable for many people, and putting Mykel Williams at three in the 2025 NFL Draft isn’t a slight to him. It speaks to how stacked this class is. Monster recruit (five-star, number seven overall player in the 2022 class) and has been steady production-wise in college. Now, he should be the lead guy on the edge and we could see a massive uptick in sack production. I wouldn’t be shocked if Williams finished north of ten for the year.

2) J.T. Tuimoloau (Ohio State)

From one five-star guy to another, except J.T. Tuimoloau was the highest-ranked EDGE and second overall player in the 2021 class. I was surprised he decided to stay for his senior year, as I probably would have had him either EDGE1 or EDGE2 up there with Dallas Turner. I have a *slight* concern about the motor, but a lot of your favorites at the position operate that way. Has kind of underwhelmed in sack production, but I am expecting big things from these Ohio State rushers this year (I also quite like Jack Sawyer to have a bounceback year).

1) James Pearce Jr. (Tennessee)

The cream of the crop, for me, in this 2025 NFL Draft class. You want to talk about guys with gobs of potential, insert James Pearce Jr. In his first year as a starter, he finished with 9.5 sacks, and I wouldn’t be shocked if he was above 12 this season. He’s an athletic freak of nature who will only get stronger, which is something to keep an eye on this season. Winning with speed is one thing, but if he can add some bull rush moves we are talking about a stallion (IYKYK). He was everywhere in the bowl game against Iowa, finishing with a pick-six, one sack, and a forced fumble.

Chickster’s Rankings:

DT Rankings:

  • 5) Nazir Stackhouse (Georgia)
  • 4) Walter Nolen (Texas A&M)
  • 3) Kenneth Grant (Michigan)
  • 2) Tyleik Williams (Ohio State)
  • 1) Mason Graham (Michigan)

EDGE Rankings:

  • 5) Princely Umanmielan (Florida)
  • 4) Mykel Williams (Georgia)
  • 3) Jack Sawyer (Ohio State)
  • 2) J.T. Tuimoloau (Ohio State)
  • 1) James Pearce Jr. (Tennessee)


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