Oregon Ducks womens
Jaz Shelley takes the reigns alongside the five ALL-Americans. (John Locher/ AP)

The Oregon Ducks women’s basketball team is better than a lot of people think. Yes, they are in a reload. But they have a very talented team and should be ranked higher. I don’t care if its 10 pm or midnight eastern time, you better watch this team.

A year ago, the Ducks were the team in the Nation and now they’re just top 10? Yes, they did lose Sabrina Ionescu, Satou Sabally, and Ruthy Hebard. But they added Five McDonalds All-American five star players:

Guards: Te-Hina PaoPao, Maddie Scherr, and Sydney Parrish

Forwards: Kylee Watson and Angela Dugalic

They still have Nyara Sabally (Satou’s sister), Taylor Chavez, Arielle Wilson, Jaz Shelley, Taylor Mikesell, Sedona Prince. As well as Seniors, Lydia Giomi and Erin Boley.

Unlike some teams ahead of them, the Ducks are still undefeated. So why are they not higher?

Baylor was placed higher because they scored more than 100 points against not one but two teams. The Bears scored 136 points against Northwestern St. and 117 against McNeese. Though they lost to a number 16 Arkansas.

Compared to the Oregon Ducks women’s team, who have not lost a game and have yet to play a top 25 team, but have been crushing the Pac-12 teams. This Ducks team is very talented and will continue to be talented because the Ducks just extended head coach Kelly Graves’s contract until the 2028-29 season. The extension is well deserved for a ten-time coach of the year.

Graves has been around as a head coach in NCAA Women’s basketball for quite a while. Before joining the Ducks, he led the Bulldogs to ten consecutive WCC regular-season championships.

In his third and fourth seasons with the Oregon Ducks women’s team, he led them to the Elite Eight and Final Four. Last year the Ducks looked like they could have won the championship.

Look for the Ducks to impress this season and for many years to come!

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