Dalvin Cook
(Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

Alright, you already know the story of why the title is funny, so let’s get into some information about why this took so long. I don’t have an issue saying I was dead wrong about Dalvin Cook this year. There were many people calling for this in the Slack chat, why did I wait until now to do it?

Well, it mainly comes down to I won’t let the results or purpose justify someone’s means. One person in the Slack chat kept calling me to do it and I simply said that I’ll do it when I feel like writing. They were not in the right state of mind to be making decisions or telling me what to do, so I did not do it. I have no issue with the principle they had about admitting mistakes, I do have an issue with being in a state of mind that clouds judgment and causes one to act as nothing but an instigator while acting all high and mighty. With that being said, Dalvin fucking Cook.

So, Dalvin Cook had a career year. The crappy Minnesota Vikings essentially ran Cook into the ground, he had 62 more carries this year than any year in his career. Cook balled out, finishing with 1,557 rushing yards and 16 rushing touchdowns on 312 carries. As a pass-catcher, he had 44 receptions for 361 yards and one touchdown.

It was hard to find a running back that was more productive than Cook this year, per game is was Christian McCaffrey and Alvin Kamara had Cook beat in total points. Outside of those two, Cook was the best fantasy back in the league (using the scoring rules we used for our Vendetta League).

Cook proved me wrong and balled out accordingly. He won’t be playing in Week 17 as he is back home in Miami with his family after the sudden passing of his father, James Cook. Thoughts and prayers are with Dalvin and his entire family.


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