Marvin Jones
Nobody ever cares when Marvin Jones goes off the board in fantasy drafts. What if that’s a mistake? Don’t sleep on the Lions wide receiver. (Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports)

There are just some players in fantasy drafts that never garners a reaction when you draft them. Nobody bats an eye or even cares when Marvin Jones goes off the board. What if that’s a mistake? Don’t sleep on Marvin Jones. He’s a real fantasy asset.

Obviously, this Lions offense is night and day different when Matthew Stafford is playing. Detroit didn’t win a game when he got hurt last year. Marvin Jones qualifies as what we would call a touchdown hog. Not sure if you know this but that’s a good thing.

Jones, 30, was the WR14 even in PPR scoring where Jones isn’t best suited for fantasy. That was during the first 8 weeks of the season with Matthew Stafford. Even then, Jones dropped to 20th in scoring on the season. You cannot finding a ranking system out there that values Marvin Jones as anything close to that.

Matthew Stafford is a really good quarterback and this Lions defense is awful. Detroit is going to be throwing early and often all year. Outside of Kenny Golladay, there isn’t another reliable target on the roster. Danny Amendola gets his 4 targets in the slot, who cares? Marvin Jones is a huge part of the offense.

Since 2017, Jones ranks 5th in the NFL in receiving touchdowns. I bang on Julio Jones all the time for not catching enough touchdowns. Not a concern here for Marvin. Jones has 24 touchdowns over the last 3 years. Where do I sign? He even has a 10 touchdown season in Cincinnati with Andy Dalton. That’s not out of the realm of possibility.

This is not a fluke. The Lions use Jones and will continue to target him in the red area. Again, over the last 3 years, Jones is 13th among all wide outs in red zone targets. The number two wide receiver with Matthew Stafford isn’t a bad spot to be. Jones could easily outscore a lot of prominent receivers in fantasy.

Nobody ever cares if you pick Marvin Jones. He’s maybe the least sexy name that gets picked in fantasy draft. The reality is it’s probably mistake. Jones is a touchdown hog and continues to produce.