Darrell Henderson
It’s time to stop ignoring Darrell Henderson as a fantasy stud. With Cam Akers hurt, I’m all in on Henderson to explode. (Norm Hall/Getty Images)

It’s Time To Stop Ignoring Darrell Henderson As A Fantasy Stud

I’m not going to lie, my heart broke when I found out Cam Akers tore his Achilles. This was supposed to be his time to shine. My fantasy team isn’t too thrilled about the news either. Of course, someone is going to sadly benefit with Akers being on the sidelines. That man is Darrell Henderson and oddly enough, I can’t fathom why he’s not being ranked higher by other fantasy experts.

Darrell Henderson is a rockstar. He was just overshadowed by a guy who was getting ready to emerge as one of the best running backs in the league. Henderson was a monster in college and probably should have gotten more buzz prior to the 2019 NFL Draft. I will gladly put my stamp of approval on Henderson coming into the league coming out of Memphis.

Henderson didn’t get much traction as a rookie, but that’s okay. Sometimes it takes time to get worked into any offense. In year two, the Memphis product rushed for 624 yards and five touchdowns sporting a 4.5 yard per carry average. I’ll take that out of my back any day of the week. The truth of the matter is, we’re looking at Henderson a hell of a lot differently if the freak show of Cam Akers didn’t get drafted by LA.

You can’t find Henderson ranked anywhere inside the 20’s for running backs which is a god damn shame (and wrong). What are we doing here?

A: Who’s stealing his touches? Jake Funk? Stop it (But also go read Karl’s puff piece on Funk).

B: What offense – team would you rather be part of? This Rams team is a gold mine.

C: I also get Sean McVay?

D: Matt Stafford is here now too?

I actually don’t understand it. How many running backs have it better than this from a fantasy perspective? I’m very much in on Darrell Henderson. I don’t know why you wouldn’t be. Where do I sign?

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