Aaron Rodgers
Is Aaron Rodgers coachable? The Packers President had some alarming comments (AP Photo/Mike Roemer)

The Green Bay Packers may have been the most disappointing team in the NFL a year ago. It was almost as if Aaron Rodgers never bought in and the team crumbled around him. Mike McCarthy got canned and Joe Philbin was even more of a joke than McCarthy as the interim coach. Some people around the NFL have blamed Aaron Rodgers for the Packers recent downward spiral.

Today Packers president Mark Murphy had some odd comments when it pertained to Rodgers. Murphy claims that Rodgers needs to change? What exactly does that mean?

“He has to embrace it,” Packers president Mark Murphy told ESPN on Tuesday at the NFL combine. “And I think he is. I hope he adapts well. I’m excited. I know he’s excited. I’ve had some discussions with him.”

“I think the change. And I think he knows Matt’s background and the work he’s done with quarterbacks. Change is hard, but it’s good. And I think he’s excited about the change.”

“He’s driven,” Murphy said. “He wants to win championships, and I think he knows that he’s got only so many years left. I’m excited. I think he and Matt, I think that relationship is going to be crucial. He’s the head coach, but he’s the playcaller.”

What the f*ck does that mean? To me, Murphy is implying that Rodgers has to be willing to adapt to Matt LaFleur’s new offense. What else could he be talking about? These comments suggest that Rodgers hasn’t been willing to bend to coaching in the past or frankly isn’t coachable at all. He’s the playcaller? What was Rodgers just winging it and ignoring McCarthy’s plays a year ago? That would explain the record number of throwaways that Rodgers had. That whole set of quotes was just odd and eye-opening. Also, probably not really necessary. Rodgers will take those comments the wrong way 100 percent.

I think in all honesty, it will be tough for Rodgers to buy into what LaFleur is selling. The head coach is the same age as the quarterback. That smells weird to me. Plus, LaFluer is coming from the Titans where the offense literally got worse when he was there.

The Packers are going to be an interesting team to watch this offseason. I floated the idea of them trying to trade for Antonio Brown. They make the most sense for AB.