Mike Hazen
The Diamondbacks need to fire Mike Hazen who is in the midst of leading Arizona down a sinking ship of never end misery. Fire Hazen before things get worse. (Sarah Sachs/Arizona Diamondbacks)

The Diamondbacks Need To Fire Mike Hazen

The Colorado Rockies are considered the current joke of the NL West. The reality is, Arizona is right there or maybe even in a worse position. Mike Hazen is leading a sinking ship with Arizona that has no sign of turning it around. If Arizona wants to actually turn things around, Hazen needs to go. The Diamondbacks need to fire Mike Hazen before things become even uglier.

To be honest; I don’t quite get why Hazen has been this big time name around baseball. Hazen was hired by Arizona based on his work with Cleveland and Boston. The only problem is he doesn’t deserve any of that credit. Mark Shapiro built those competitive Indians teams and Dave Dombrowski had ALL the say when he was with the Red Sox. It was hard to find Hazen’s footprint on anything prior to getting the D-Backs job.

If you look at Hazen’s trade history, it’s a whole lot of nothing. What did they really get back for Paul Goldschmidt? The Zack Greinke trade package is a total dud. Jazz Chisholm looks pretty good… in Miami. Steven Souza doesn’t tickle your fancy? WTF has Hazen done to improve this ball club?

Furthermore, there’s no plan here. One minute it’s dump face of the franchise, Paul Goldschmidt. The next it’s pay top dollar for Madison Bumgarner after trading away Greinke. I said it at the time when the Diamondbacks signed Bumgarner. Nothing about this plan makes any sense. Now it’s showing on the field.

The Diamondbacks have lost 23 consecutive road games. On the season, they sit at a dreadful 20-52 with no end in sight. There’s only one guy to blame here. Mike Hazen has teetered the line of buyer and seller at the same time and now his franchise looks like a pure shit show.

Fire Mike Hazen. Blow this entire roster up. Maximize the return on Ketel Marte and whatever else you can. There’s also no prospects on the farm that feel close to helping this team win in the next year or two. Look, Hazen has proven that he’s smarter than that dope Dave Stewart. That’s also not a reason to keep him in charge. Start over. Canning Hazen should be step one.