Madison Bumgarner
(Mark Rebilas/USA Today Sports)

This should be common knowledge by now, but Madison Bumgarner has fallen off in a big way. In his start yesterday against the Padres, he gave up 4 home runs and 6 earned runs in 2 innings. Then, in ridiculous MadBum fashion, decided to stare down Padres hitters who admired the nukes they hit off him. Hey Bumgarner, if you don’t want people to admire their home runs, maybe don’t throw them an 88-mph belt-high meatball with absolutely no movement that they can send 400 feet. Just a thought. Through three starts this year, Bumgarner doesn’t have a win. Sure, the win can be considered an outdated statistic that isn’t evident of a pitcher’s true performance, but these Diamondbacks losses are absolutely his fault.

Did You Really Expect Madison Bumgarner to be Good?

Last night’s dud was just a microcosm of what MadBum is. He’s been declining since 2016, but people just refused to acknowledge it. There were some injuries along the way that contributed, but his ERA and WHIP have been increasing the last five seasons. He hasn’t been the same pitcher who led the San Francisco Giants to a World Series in 2014. Also, that was six years ago. How is MadBum still riding playoff success from six years ago? Why did the Arizona Diamondbacks give a 30-year-old pitcher with injury history and clear signs of decline an $85 million contract?

Giving a 30-year-old a big multi-year deal is usually never a good idea as far as value is concerned. Players don’t get better once they turn 30. Nevermind the fact that a playoff reputation can distort your actual value. Madison Bumgarner was a good regular-season pitcher with the Giants, but his reputation was built in the playoffs.

I’m not sure what people expected after the Diamondbacks signed him. Especially coming off a shoulder injury and a finger injury. Kerry Crowley of The Mercury News released a column yesterday that opened with, “Something is clearly wrong with former San Francisco Giants ace Madison Bumgarner.” Uh yeah, he isn’t good. The 7.04 ERA through three starts speaks for itself. He is now being examined by team doctors for reported back problems.