(David Zalubowski/Associated Press)

The Rockies Will Never Have Good Pitchers

The Colorado Rockies are 24-37 after losing last night in Miami 6-2, dropping their away record to 4-23 in the process. Their season is an absolute joke, and it should come as no surprise that their best pitching prospect in Riley Pint retired at the age of 23. Jon Gray, Colorado’s best pitcher, and Trevor Story, their best position player, may also be out the door by the deadline and on the whole, the Rockies are the worst team in the big leagues to play for as a prospect.

Pint was occasionally reaching triple digits on the mound and some scouts were comparing his style to a young Justin Verlander, so it is unfortunate that the Rockies’ fourth overall pick in 2016 will never see the mound on Coors Field. In fairness, however, that is what the Rockies do best; the team either farms good talent only to send them away or wastes any of the talents they manage to get on the team.

Maybe Riley Pint Would Have Been Bad Anyways?

Pint had heat, but he could not throw strikes with it. Pint walked at least five batters per nine innings from 2016 and onward in his career in the minors. Over his career, Pint had 5.56 ERA, 8.8 K’s per nine, and 7.2 BB per nine throughout 166 2/3 innings pitched, pretty awful numbers for a kid that was drafted fourth overall.

As if his retirement was not bad enough, Pint was just one of several other Rockies prospects to retire recently, with fellow pitchers Mike Nikorak and Robert Tyler also retiring since 2020. Although this turmoil should be a wake-up call for Colorado, they surely will change nothing and the Rockies will likely be cleaning house this year to prioritize their young players. Gray and Story will likely be gone by the end of the season and former GM Jeff Bridich retired just weeks into the 2021 season after setting the franchise back several years by turning a decent roster into a dumpster fire. But at least it can get no worse, right?

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