Devonta Freeman
Devonta Freeman keeps making excuses why he doesn’t have a job. He claims he’s waiting for the right spot while teams keep signing other running backs. (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

Another day, another dollar. Well, unless your name is Devonta Freeman. Then it’s another day, another day without a job. For some reason, the clown show that is Devonta Freeman keeps talking despite the fact that there’s nothing to talk about. He keeps making excuses as to why nobody is signing him.

“Picking the right spot where I can be really, really highly utilized and get a real good opportunity,” Freeman said. “The business part with the contracts, of course that’s always up there as well.”

Just listen to the guy talk. Do you ever think to yourself; wow this guy really lost it? That’s Freeman and or Antonio Brown. Nothing this guy makes sense and everything he says is completely delusional.

Here are the facts.

Freeman’s agent canned him. A lot of times players fire their agents. Not this time. Freeman was such a headache that his agent fired him.

The Seahawks signed Carlos Hyde because Freeman was delusional about his worth.

The Bucs signed LeSean McCoy because again, Freeman doesn’t get it. Obviously a great spot to be with just Ronald Jones and Ke’Shawn Vaughn on the roster.

The Eagles are really the only landing spot that could possibly happen. Then again, Freeman was also statistically the worst running back in the NFL. Why sign him when you already have Boston Scott who’s young and fresh on the roster?

I’m tired of talking about Freeman but the guy keeps talking. What am I supposed to do? Ignore the clownshow? Here’s a bet I’ll take. If Freeman actually lands a job (big if) he signs for less than Carlos Hyde did. $2.750 million plus incentives. That’s the number. Freeman will look like an absolute idiot if he signs for a penny less.