Derek Carr
Derek Carr wants to win football games, unfortunately (John Rieger/USA TODAY Sports)

You can mock the Raiders all you want but what they are doing is more productive than what the Bengals have done the past decade. Oakland holds 5 first round picks the next two years. The 2-8 Raiders are in the running for the first overall pick in 2018. Derek Carr (to no surprise) wants to ruin the Raiders efforts to tank.

“I want to mess up the draft,” Carr said Wednesday. “I don’t want the first pick. I want to win all these games. I want everybody to be mad at me for that. That’s what I want to accomplish.”

Derek Carr is going to make or break this Raiders rebuild. The 2019 collegiate quarterback class sucks so Carr’s job is safe for next year. What the Raiders really need is for Carr to stink in 2020. If Carr stinks in 2019 and the Raiders land Tua Tagovailoa, then this is the best thing to ever happen to the Raiders in 40 years.

Carr wants to win because he needs to in order to keep his job. Forget about the $125 million contract. The Raiders can cut him after 2019 leaving just $7.5 million of dead cap for the remainder of the deal. So yes, Carr needs to win. He needs to mess up the Raiders draft. But that’s next year. This year, Carr needs to shut up and retract his statement. What he should be saying is “I hope the Cowboys and Bears lose every week.

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Oakland plays the Ravens, Chiefs, Bengals, Broncos, and Chiefs the rest of the year. It’s possible the Raiders don’t win the rest of the year. For what it’s worth, I still can’t figure out if Derek Carr is a good quarterback. I just can’t. He is completing 70.6 percent of his throws on a really bad team. His career yard per attempt average is an awful 6.67 mark, however.