Denver Broncos
The Denver Broncos selected Shane Ray in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft (Dennis Wierzbicki/USA TODAY Sports)

The Denver Broncos are the perfect example of why coaching matters. Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips were able to lead this roster to a Super Bowl championship. The moron Vance Joseph was only able to get this team 5 wins. He also got clocked while coaching the Senior Bowl. Then again, how didn’t everyone see this coming! Denver fans can’t be too happy with the direction of this team and John Elway’s leash may be shorter than we think. What can we expect from the Denver Broncos heading into the 2018 NFL Draft?

With the 5th overall pick, the Broncos are going to be thinking quarterback. Elway has already admitted that he will keep swinging at the quarterback position regardless of how many times he misses. Case Keenum obviously isn’t the long-term answer. You have to think that either Josh Rosen or Baker Mayfield will be available. There’s also a chance that Sam Darnold or Josh Allen is also on the board but that remains to be seen. If a quarterback they like falls to them, you have to think that Denver goes quarterback.

The offensive line needs to continue to be part of the gameplan. Garett Boles was a flop but that’s not a surprise when you take a 25-year-old in the first round. How about James Daniels from Iowa? Daniels has the makeup of an All-Pro center and really displayed some phenomenal technique at the combine. A center in the middle can make a world of difference-making up blocking schemes for the rest of the linemen.

2018 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings

The third round could be a spot that Denver looks to find a complimentary pass rusher to Von Miller. Let’s go with Josh Sweat of Florida State. Sweat is a true boom or bust guy that is an athletic freak but is really inconsistent. Are we really counting on Shane Ray to step up and become the guy? I’m definitely not. The third round is the perfect spot to take a shot on a guy who could really become an All-Pro at a really reasonable price.