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Ranking The 7 New NFL Head Coaches Of 2016

NFL Head Coach
Where does Chip Kelly rank amongst head coaches in new places ahead of the 2016 NFL season? (Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)

Seven new head coaches will be controlling the sidelines in 2016. Some have had prior NFL head coaching experience while others are the so-called esteemed up and coming coordinators. While I take a look at the list of new head coaches I believe that a number of the teams made mistakes, as there were better candidates available. Coaches such as Lane Kiffin, Mike Shula, and others should have been considered over a number of the others that actually received the position. While I am not a fan of a number of the hires I will attempt to rank the new head coaches one by one.

  1. Chip Kelly (San Francisco)

Did Chip Kelly fail in Philadelphia? Well not really, after all he took over a 4-12 team and had two consecutive 10 win seasons right out of the gate. By the way he won those game with dumpster fire quarterbacks in Mark Sanchez and Nick Foles. Foles was then of course was benched this season by the Rams in favor of Case Keenum. That statement alone should tell you Chips ability to coach and that his system has had success. Where Kelly failed was in the personnel department.

This past 6-win season was a result of poor roster management; A subject in which Kelly had complete control over. Why in the world he thought it was a good idea to run DeMarco Murray sideline to side line I will never understand. Chips realization for the players he needed to fit his system was complete lunacy. The Sam Bradford trade is another example of that as one would presume a 4th grader would have known Bradford is not mobile enough to fit in Kelly’s offense. The good news for 9ers fans is that Kelly will not be the General Manager in San Fran. Of course their incumbent general manager Trent Baalke hasn’t been very good either with a number of misses on draft day. My personal opinion on the move was that Kelly should have sat out for a year. This would have given him the option to choose his coaching destination the following year with a chance to coach possible transcending talent in Deshaun Watson. Watson, a true sophomore from Clemson, may have give Kelly a chance to win a Super Bowl in the future something Colin Kaepernick does not.

  1. Hue Jackson (Cleveland)

While I am a fan of Jackson’s I find myself thinking why in the world would Jackson want the Cleveland job? While the Browns do hold the second pick in the draft he may not get the quarterback he desires on draft day with the Titans having the option to trade their selection. Not only that but the Browns have a disastrous track record of hiring GM’s. Anyone who had Johnny Manziel as a first, second, or 3rd round draft pick should never have been hired in the first place (Ray Farmer).

Jackson is known as the quarterback whisperer and has had success elevating the mediocre Andy Dalton. For Jackson’s sake I hope he gets the quarterback he wants or he will get run out of town just like the previous Browns coaches.

  1. Adam Gase (Miami)

This one had fire in two or three years written all over it doesn’t it? Let’s make one thing clear this franchise has no future as long as Ryan Tannehill remains the quarterback. After all we are in the business of winning championships right? As for Gase he will be the youngest head coach in the league at 37 with only 2 years as an offensive coordinator. By the way one of those was with Peyton Manning who practically coaches himself and calls his own plays. The other was with the Bears who orchestrated the 23rd ranked offense. There is a reason John Elway never promoted him in Denver when he fired John Fox a year ago. Even if Tannehill improves slightly what good is it if they have virtually no chance at making any noise in the playoffs? We see all the time we coaches take jobs before they are truly ready and this is one of them.

  1. Dirk Koetter (Tampa Bay)

If I wasn’t a fan of my 3rd ranked hire only one could imagine how I feel about this one. First of all isn’t it remarkable that the Bucs won 6 games this year after finishing with the league’s worst record a year ago? Second did Tampa really fire Lovie Smith in favor of the offensive coordinator who ran a below average offense? Some organizations simply don’t get it and this is one of them. All you need to know about Koetter is he frankly isn’t very intelligent. When asked about subject of analytics Koetter had this to say.

“No. I trust my eyes,” Koetter said. “I trust my eyes, OK? I watch the tape. I watch a lot of tape and I trust what my eyes tell me. So I don’t need a freaking piece of paper with a bunch of numbers on there to tell me something my eyes can see. I mean, not to get pissed off, but that whole thing of looking at a piece of paper and telling you how to call a football game is a freaking joke in my opinion. That’s why I watch tape. Half the stuff on that paper, you can sort those stats out any way you want to. But I’m sticking by eyes. It’s worked OK for me so far.”

Instead of saying I am willing to take any piece of information that has the potential of helping my coaching style he completely discredits it. People who think they know everything and feel they don’t need to continue to learn even at an old age often times fail. By the way Koetter maybe I wouldn’t trust your eyes so much anymore your offense ranked 20th in points per game and got you let go in Atlanta with Matt Ryan as your quarterback.

  1. Ben McAdoo (New York Giants)

Like Koetter, McAdoo was promoted from offensive coordinator to head coach from the current employer. This hire makes little sense as the Giants are basically banking on improving on a 6-10 record by ridding themselves of Tom Coughlin as virtually the rest of the staff was retained. If that makes sense to you then I’m not sure you understand sports or common sense in general since McAdoo ran the offense as was kept and Steve Spagnuolo was kept who runs the defense. While the roster isn’t necessarily flush with talent they do have a franchise quarterback that should be enough to put you in playoff contention right? The things that bothered me about McAdoo came during his press conference. He said it took to long for him to become a head coach despite the fact that he is only 38 and the 2nd youngest coach in the league. Instead of saying your grateful for the opportunity you come up with that! The last guy who said something similar was Mike Pettine and we know how that disaster lasted in Cleveland.

  1. Doug Pederson (Philadelphia)

So the Eagles just basically they should have never fired Andy Reid right? Pederson, Reid’s offensive coordinator in Kansas City, was really the only coach considered from everything I have seen which is a bit odd. Not only that but does Philly realize he has never called a play in his life right. This is the same guy who was a high school coach in 2008 and a quality control coach for two years after that. Now of course he was an NFL quarterback but he was a lifetime backup with a record of 3-12 as a starter. Am I missing something or is this just another Jim Tomsula like hire? The good news is that the defense should somewhat improve with Jim Schwartz. The bad news is your team is quarterbackless with a coach who probably doesn’t know what he is doing.

  1. Mike Mularkey (Tennessee)

Let me get this straight you hired your intern head coach who went 2-7 down the stretch? Not only that but you also didn’t bother to interview anyone else? While neither of the previous statements make sense the Titans decided it was a good idea to hire a coach who has a lifetime record of 18-39. The Titans have won 5 games in the past two years and little do they realize that Marcus Mariota is a bust waiting to happen. Robert Griffin had a good rookie year to so calm down these things don’t always happen overnight. Then again maybe the Titans are thinking that hiring Mike Mularkey will allow them to tank to collect a series of good draft picks but I doubt it.

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