Fake NBA Trades
I have an announcement to make. I hate the fake NBA trade community. Is there a worse set of humans?

The NBA has the worst set of fans. I think everyone can agree on that. One specific section of NBA fandom needs to go. I absolutely hate the fake NBA trade community. I’m not sure a worse group of humans exist.

Can we just make a pact right now? Unless Adrian Wojnarowski tweets out news, who the fuck cares? I’m not interested. If you noticed, Woj’s account has been silent outside of ONE rumor that sends Chris Paul to Phoenix and that wasn’t even his story. He just retweeted Brian Windhorst (who is also really good at reporting). Woj hasn’t reported any other story. He’s the best in the business because he doesn’t fall for bullshit.

Trading Chris Paul makes sense. I’ll buy those rumors. Oklahoma City wants to start their rebuild and selling high on CP3 makes sense. Here’s what I can’t buy. Everyone and their mother trying to come up with fake trades that will never happen. Then somehow taking credit for something that won’t happen and getting recognition for it. Do you know how big of psychopath you need to be to do that?

Let’s go over a few.

A: Will never happen.

B: Who the fuck is Scoop B? Is that one of Kevin Durant’s burner accounts? It sounds like a fake person.

C: Yeah, I’m sure Kawhi Leonard would love to play with Russell Westbrook. What a joke.

Do we see how ridiculous this has gotten? Let’s do another.

No disrespect to Adam Kaufman, he looks like a nice guy. However, this is maybe the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

A: Danny Ainge isn’t this stupid.

B: Kemba Walker is better than Jrue Holiday.

C: Gordon Hayward is better than Myles Turner.

D: In what world do you think you need to flip picks to downgrade?

The NBA has become horny off of trying to find a better date to the prom. It doesn’t matter if you already found a date. It’s just about trying to swap dates as many times as you can.

Let’s do another.

I’ll tell you what; nothing gets more going more than Jrue Holiday to the Hawks. WTF are we doing here? What’s the point in this? Please tell me?

I can already imagine a day in the life of the fake NBA trade person. The lights go off, a candle gets lit, and the NBA trade machine gets fired up. You know the rest…

Let’s make a deal with everyone. No more fake trades. I’m done with it. Unless Woj tweets it, I don’t care. So far there have been zero trades this offseason. Woj hasn’t tweeted a single rumor. That’s weird now isn’t it?