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2021 Reeses Senior Bowl

(Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports)

2021 Reeses Senior Bowl: National Team Notes

2021 Reeses Senior Bowl
2021 Reeses Senior Bowl National Team Notes. Who improved or hurt their 2021 NFL Draft Stock during the college All-Star Game? (Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports)

2021 Reeses Senior Bowl: National Team Notes

After two long days of practice that were televised, and an additional practice that was not televised (Thanks, friend Jim) it’s time for the 2021 Reeses Senior Bowl. With no Combine this year, this game represents the biggest chance to increase your draft stock.

When it comes to the National team led by Brian Flores. They won 27-24 against the American team. It was a typical college All-Star game. Nothing stood out coaching wise.

Bad quarterback play made this puppy tough to grade. More like TERRIBLE QB play.

*Let’s get this out of the way now. It’s hard to watch every single player on every single snap. I’m jotting down what I see at first glance.


Sam Ehlinger started the game. Annnnd I’m done wasting my time. Guy blows. End of story. Not doing it.

Feleipe Franks. Hard pass. Stop making me throw up. Let me show you just how bad he is. In fact, Franks is so bad Brian Flores didn’t even bother using timeouts before the first half to give the Arkansas quarterback a chance to score.

Not sure why Ian Book came into the game last. He’s way better than the others. When I say better I’m not sure he’s good enough to be a back up. Book at least has a chance to be.

Running Backs:

Michael Carter is a star. Bobbing, weaving, speed; he’s got it all. In the first quarter, Carter broke a couple of tackles and just took off. Like I said during the week of practice, he just has that burst other backs simply don’t have.

Carter might be a smaller back but he really breaks tackles like someone much bigger. This what a special back looks like. Do things that shouldn’t look normal for your size. Michael Carter was the story. You can have the other running backs. Give me the UNC guy.

Demetric Felton once again proved he can catch. It’s not a surprise to me but he caught an easy bubble screen with off coverage. Took it for a score. An easy one. I just wish I would have seen more as a pure runner. That’s what I care about. How much better is he than Tony Pollard? That’s what we don’t know.

I thought Khalil Herbert looked bad. No, the holes were not there. The defensive line sort of dominated during his carries. He was very hesitant trying to find rushing lanes.

Rhamondre Stevenson couldn’t get anything going either. The defensive line won the battle but Stevenson couldn’t create on his own. Overall, I thought he looked better than Herbert but not by much.

Wide Receivers:

I’m starting to really like Desmond Fitzpatrick. I’m still not sure how polished he is but Fitzpatrick has shown he can create separation. Slants, out routes, one step and go. Fitzpatrick gets open and looks big enough to be more than a small gadget guy. At 6-foot-2, Fitzpatrick feels like he can line up anywhere.

One downside was he did drop a ball but otherwise caught everything in practice. Fitzpatrick was targeted early and often for a reason. Guy was open all the time. He’s a bit thin but looked more than capable dealing with press. Count me in here.

Frank Darby has nothing. Can’t get anything going within 5 yards. Change of direction stinks. Can’t catch the ball either. You’re banking on him making plays down the field with no separation. No thanks.

Tight Ends:

Kenny Yeboah made one big play. On a ball high from Franks, Yeboah went up and got it. Only problem was he just didn’t look athletic during the week. Catch radius? That was a positive during that one play.

Offensive Line:

Creed Humphrey did his thing. Just commands the line of scrimmage and opens holes in the run game.

Brenden Jaimes the Nebraska tackle stinks. Got pushed around a bunch. Gave up a bad sack to the Florida State guy. Jaimes couldn’t handle the length at all.

Dillon Radunz remains money at left tackle. Most of the offensive line struggled but left tackle was always a bright spot. Radunz is a natural.

Defensive Line:

Osa Odighizuwa had a great day. He started out the day by forcing a strip sack getting by Deonte Brown. The UCLA defensive tackle was in the mix constantly. Showed great power and held up well in the run game. The only question here is his brother flamed out. Fair or unfair, it’s a reality.

Patrick Jones really showed up too. I thought his teammate Rashad Weaver was better in the one on ones. Jones decided he wasn’t playing around anymore and controlled the line of scrimmage. Deonte Brown got his ass kicked by Jones. The Pitt product made quarterbacks uncomfortable constantly pushing the pocket.

It can’t be underestimated. Jones was a game wrecker. I do want to also mention when Weaver got more looks in the second half, he played his ass off too.

Daelin Hayes beat the Texas A&M lineman for a sack. Overall a lot more good than bad out of the Notre Dame product.


Baron Browning’s speed jumps off the screen. He will have no problems running and chasing. His downhill speed is impressive. I like all the Ohio State linebackers. Tuf Borland isn’t the most athletic guy in the world but he knows his limitations and plays it the right way.


Benjamin St. Juste is just so LONG. In press, St. Juste looks awesome. Very physical and attacks the catch point.

Thomas Graham was the corner that got beat on the Amari Rodgers touchdown.

Keith Taylor had zero career interceptions in college but he played well for the most part. Again, looks a bit grabby but should have came away with a pick in an end zone throw by Mond. He moves well for a big corner. Later on the same drive, Taylor gave up a slant to Palmer from Tennessee. Then gave up another touchdown to Trevon Grimes. But he also helped cause an interception. I have more questions than answers.


DeMar Hamlin notched an interception. It came on a tipped ball assisted by Keith Taylor. Hamlin was someone that impressed a lot during the week.


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