Colin Cowherd
Brain dead Colin Cowherd thinks the Cowbodys are “too Dak dependent”. It’s fair to question if Cowherd watches football at this point. (HERD)

Dead Brain Colin Cowherd Thinks The Cowboys Are “Too Dak Dependent”

Colin Cowherd has had his fair share of bad takes. That’s not really the frustrating part. It’s the fact that Cowherd has bad opinions and then reverses them almost instantly. Don’t worry; I haven’t forgotten about the part where Cowherd said Giannis was overrated or where he basically said Josh Allen sucked. I mean look at the text across the photo? Embarrassing. This next take, I couldn’t ignore.

This is bad… I mean real bad. Tell me you don’t know football without telling me you football… WE HAVE A WINNER!

A: Who the fuck wants Mason Rudolph? Open your eyeballs. That dude SUCKS. He’s a walking Bryce Petty. Nobody wants him. Guy can’t play. That line alone discredits this entire segment.

B: “Too Dak Depended” What are you smoking? Ezekiel Elliott, CeeDee Lamb, Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, Zack Martin, Tyron Smith… sure, bud. Guy has no help. No support at all.

C: What does trading for Nick Foles accomplish? Did you watch him last year? There is no question Foles was a downgrade over what Chicago got from Mitch Trubisky last year and that’s saying something.

D: Dallas is LOADED. That’s a GOOD football team. There isn’t a team in the league that has those set of receivers or linebackers in the league. NONE.

E: You want to do a segment on how Dallas has bad coaching, I can get behind that. Anything that states Dak is carrying the Cowboys is unequivocally false and laughable.

Another day in la la land. Hey, I guess when you have to run a three-hour show every day, you have to find ways to make shit up to fill the time slot. Let’s make sure we add this take to the list of idiotic opinions that Cowherd has. If he ever has the cahones to invite me on that couch, I pity the fool.