David Robertson
David Roberson seems unlikely to return to the Yankees after voting to limit playoff shares to team employees (Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports)

Sports are great but we never truly appreciated the people behind the scenes. We need to give more love to the grounds crew and the clubhouse guys. Do you think those uniforms just show up magically in players locker rooms or did someone put them there? I spent this past summer working as a clubhouse guy for the AAA Phillies. It’s not an easy job. Laundry, errands, catering food, dog sitting, etc. The only thing players truly have to do is whip their own ass and go play baseball. Everything and I mean everything is taken care of. That’s why this story regarding David Robertson makes me sick.

George A. King III had a story for the New York Post about the Yankees playoff shares. For those who don’t know what playoff shares are, it’s the money generated from the postseason. The organization determines how many people outside of the 25 man roster receive shares. Those shares can then be broken down into full shares, half shares or however small such as a 1/15th of a share. Check out what the Yankees decided to do. Karma does really suck.

“When the Yankees gathered in St. Petersburg, Fla., in the final week of the season for a players-only meeting to determine postseason shares, Robertson chaired the event that resulted in assistant hitting coach P.J. Pilittere getting voted a half share, Zac Fieroh, an analyst for the major league coaching staff and a regular in the traveling party, receiving nothing, and several support staffers who also travel regularly being cut from a year ago.”

“Coaches and trainers aren’t guaranteed a share, but historically are voted full shares, especially when they are as dedicated as Pilittere.”

Hey, maybe the clubhouse guys aren’t friendly. Whatever, that’s one thing. It’s another thing when coaches are losing out. There are two ways to look at this. Do the players have zero respect for the coaching staff because they aren’t good at their jobs? Are the players on this team just filled with pricks? Robertson is the player rep for the team led this charge according to King influencing teammates with the vote.

For further context on how other teams handle this sort of thing, I’ll let King share more of his story:

“For example, the 2017 World Series champion Astros gave out 60 full shares that came to $438,901.57 for each, out of a $30.4 million pot. At the other end of the deal was the Twins, who lost to the Yankees in the AL wild-card game and voted 62 full shares that came out to $18,990.36 per.

The 2017 Yankees, who went to Game 7 of the ALCS and lost to the Astros, voted 57 full shares (ninth among the 10 teams in the postseason) worth $138,897.63 each and 15.01 partial shares. It hasn’t been determined what the share for losing to the Red Sox in the ALDS will be, but in 2017 the Indians, who lost to the Yankees in the ALDS, voted 62 full shares that came out to $36,782.68 per.”

Can things get worse for Yankees fans? If you are a Yankee fan, how are you not feeling sick to your stomach? First, the Aaron Judge boombox. I don’t think the Yankees can even play the song “New York, New York” anymore. Second, the Yankees won 100 games and didn’t even win anything. How hilarious is that? The finished in second in the AL East, 8 games back. They lost in 4 games to the Red Sox in the ALDS. They couldn’t even win Rookie of the year (Shohei Ohtani beat out Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres). New York had zero gold glove winners and zero silver slugger winners.

You know what’s changed from the Yankees from the time I was younger? Leadership. Once George Steinbrenner died, the intimidation factor went away. Hal Steinbrenner is more worried about saving a few pennies. Now the Yankees have a lame duck manager. Do you think this nonsense with playoff shares happens with Joe Girardi? No chance. The Yankees employed a gimmick where all the decisions come from upstairs where the binder of stats rules with an iron fist.

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Regardless of who is to blame, David Robertson may wind up the scapegoat. Maybe he truly is the one to blame. It’s sad a guy who just made $46 million over the past 4 years doesn’t have enough money. Maybe this is the kind of guy that Brian Cashman loves. The big, bad Yankees have turned into the equivalent of the St. Louis Cardinals. If you don’t believe it now, I don’t know what more you need to see.