Call Her Daddy
Dave Portnoy hints at a possible future collab between Barstool and Call Her Daddy. Barstool already controls the merch so what’s next? (Barstool Sports)

Dave Portnoy Hints At Future Collab Between Barstool And Call Her Daddy

Barstool and Call Her Daddy have broken up… sort of kind of. Alex Cooper is taking her show to Spotify full time but that doesn’t mean Barstool isn’t profiting. They got a hefty bag as part of the deal and will still control all merchandise from the show. But wait! There’s more!

Dave Portnoy gave his thoughts on the entire deal on his show this week. Portnoy didn’t sound bitter or distraught. It was an interesting show but there is one hidden nugget that can’t be glossed over. There seems to be a future collab in the works between Cooper and Barstool in the works.

It’s anybody’s best guess on what happens here. You can listen to the full episode with the video above. Merch has already been taken care of so what could it be? My educated guess would be maybe another alcohol line? The Pink Whitney has done well with New Amsterdam Vodka. Could they could make another Barstool line or maybe another alcohol brand is already in the works with something.

I could be totally wrong there but it’s a guess. Who knows what sort of collabs are on the table. Either way, it doesn’t feel like Alex Cooper is detached from Barstool.

In other news from the latest episode of The Dave Portnoy Show, he announced that Tommy Cheeseballs was given a job. The legend has resurfaced and is now part of the Barstool universe.

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