Jennifer Lopez went to dinner with Dave Portnoy
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Dave Portnoy Went to Dinner with Jennifer Lopez

Dave Portnoy went to dinner in Miami with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

Dave since the pandemic hit in March has been very busy, first with the un-boxings, DDTG (Davey Day Traders Global) and most recently running a charity supporting small businesses whose lives have been upended by the pandemic.

He got an apartment in Miami where he has been working from as his presence in the New York City office is less necessary for content. On the most recent episode of The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie and Co. Eddie was going through the podcast topics when he asked the question “How was Miami?” Dave answered the question with

Uhh, went out to dinner with J-Lo and A-Rod, that was crazy…. Me J-Lo, A-Rod and their two kids. I got a call on Saturday night like Hey, uh J-Lo and A-Rod wanna go to dinner with you tonight are you free?

It was the first time I ever really sat down with him [A-Rod] but I mean like J-Lo, I was nervous

The whole thing was surreal… It’s one of those moments like where the fuck am I? What happened to my life…

It was just surreal

Dave Portnoy on the show Feb 2nd

It is really wild to hear Dave say he was in such awe when he gets to meet and talk to someone. I mean shit, he interviewed the President of the United States (at the time). A-Rod is not as surprising to meet with as he has a relationship with Barstool, but J-Lo had Dave rattled.

Lopez was not too familiar with Portnoy and Barstool, but his recent Twitter feud with Steve Cohen, made her familiar aware of who he was. A-Rod and Lopez had an offer into purchase the Mets, but Cohen’s bid was too high for the star duo to match.

Alex Rodriguez, the former Yankee, whose public perception has done a complete 180 since his playing days, has a podcast with Dan Katz aka Big Cat called The Corp on the Barstool podcast network.

TL//DR: Portnoy went to dinner with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in Miami.