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Daubert's NFL Draft Mailbag

(Amanda Aylmer/ Vendetta Sports Media Image)

Daubert’s 2021 NFL Draft Mailbag: Busts?

Daubert's NFL Draft Mailbag
We have six questions to answer for Daubert’s 2021 NFL Draft Mailbag as the big day inches closer. Read the post to see my response. (Amanda Aylmer/ Vendetta Sports Media Image)

Daubert’s 2021 NFL Draft Mailbag: Busts?

We’re back with another Daubert’s 2021 NFL Draft Mailbag. I love the participation we have gotten with this series. Once again, another big week full of questions. Keep them coming!

I sort of answered this in the quarterback rankings I just posted but this question came before that got published. No, that’s not a concern for me. They said Deshaun Watson couldn’t make reads either and held onto the ball too long. No hair, don’t care.

What I know is that Justin Fields is a baller. I have zero concerns for him coming into the league. It’s the Watson effect all over again. Have him slide down the board because of nonsense and make teams question themselves. Why did we pass on Watson again? Why did we pass on Fields again?

If I had to rank them, I’d probably have them go in this order.

  1. Physical traits
  2. Technique
  3. Combine
  4. Football IQ
  5. Off the Field

I would put the Football IQ and Off the field higher probably but I’m not in the interview rooms. It’s hard to trust reports of guys having bad interviews. How much of it is leaked by a team that likes that player? Until I have access to those interviews, it’s hard to know about a player’s DNA.

Technique and physical traits is huge. More so than the actual on field production in my opinion. For me, it’s purely watching a player move. I don’t care about the actual production. I knew Josh Allen would figure it out despite having bad stats at Wyoming. He was too physically gifted not too.

Same could be said for Mitch Trubisky. He had a high completion percentage at North Carolina but didn’t care. I saw the way he bent his knees. Knew it would never work at the NFL level.

Watching the way a player moves is the number one for me. God I miss the combine but a perfect example of that is Christian McCaffrey. I saw him move at the combine and it was over. I put McCaffrey over Leonard Fournette the second I saw that at the combine when that wasn’t the consensus.

I would draft corners and offensive linemen solely on the way they’re able to bend their knees. God, I miss the combine. This is by far the hardest year for me NFL Draft wise because I put a ton of stock into combine.

You’re right. I have no respect for Mike Mayock. I could out draft him every day of the week while drunk. He’s too dumb to do this but I’d trade out of 17. Either up for an elite prospect that falls or down and collect multiple picks. I think 17 is almost the worst spot to be in this draft. You’re going to end up picking someone you’re not in love with. I’d trade out of this spot.

You’re right. Count me out of the Travis Etienne business. He’s not nearly talented enough to spend an early pick on. I’ll give a handful I like since I’m not sure exactly who will still be on the board on that third day.

  • Jermar Jefferson
  • Trey Sermon
  • Kylin Hill
  • Jaret Patterson
  • CJ Marable

I’d love to answer this question after the first round concludes. It would be easier that way. I’m guessing a wide receiver that shouldn’t go in the first round gets pushed up the board too high. But I won’t pus out and I’ll answer the question.

I couldn’t take Jaelan Phillips in the first round so I’ll go with him. I get it, big time recruit and has some talent. We’re also talking about a guy with major head injuries. So much so he walked away from the game before the 2019 season. I’m not taking a guy who retired from college football in the first round of a draft where my reputation is on the line. NO SIR.

Miami has two other edge rushers. Can you imagine if Phillips flames out and becomes the third best edge rusher from his college in the draft? I’m not attaching my name to that. He also has zero production outside of a senior year at Miami. Not doing it. Could easily see him flaming out.

It is insulting to suggest the Dolphins should take a quarterback and epitomizes everything wrong with the NFL media. I’m not even giving that narrative a second of air to breathe.

The Dolphins should take the best player in the draft and that’s Kyle Pitts. Trade Mike Gesicki or have him be the second tight end. It looks like Cincinnati will take a tackle. Atlanta should take a quarterback or trade down with a team that wants one. Pitts should fall right into their laps.

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