Dare Me
Dare Me is a hidden gem on Netflix and worth the watch. Let’s review the show without giving away any spoilers. (Photo by: Rafy/USA Network)

Yes, I watched a cheerleading show and enjoyed it. Deal with it. Sometimes it’s hard to find things on Netflix that I actually like. There’s a lot of garbage on there. Dare Me is a hidden gem.

This show is wild. Forget the show for a second. It really makes you think about how this probably exists in certain states. Rich dads, that donate to the school as boosters? Overbearing parents that think the coach is screwing the kids over? Crazy coaches, that cross the line? Oh, it’s all there.

I like shows that are a little unpredictable. I can say Dare Me was definitely kept me guessing a lot. Look, the show isn’t perfect but it’s packed with drama. Some of the things the cheerleading coach does blows your mind. I guarantee it.

I will say the end left a little on the table which sucks because as of right now there are no plans to record a season two. There was a lot that needed to be addressed in a second season. Let’s hope they revive the series. Netflix put it on their watch list for a reason, right?

There are worse things you can watch on Netflix. I can promise you that. The cheerleading coach is off the walls but in a lowkey way. The two main characters in the squad go through the ringer. Beth is the ultimate wildcard. It’s hard not to like her mentality by the end of the show. Then there’s Addy. I’ll just leave that to you the viewer.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Dare Me is worth the watch. Yes, I’ve seen better but I still enjoyed a cheerleading show as a male in his 20’s. That says something, right?