Danny Ainge
When will teams learn never to deal with Danny Ainge? (Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)

The Cleveland Cavaliers are shook after being down in the Eastern Conference Finals two games to none. Cleveland isn’t just losing to Boston, they have lost by double digits in each of the first two games. Cleveland isn’t just losing to Boston, they are also losing to the injury-riddled version of the Celtics where Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward are chilling on the bench with season-ending injuries. If the Cavs can’t beat the Celtics now, imagine how ugly the games would get if Irving were actually healthy? Remember that time I called the Cavs a fixer-upper house? I was right again.

Things obviously aren’t sunshine and rainbows over in Cleveland. Jeff Van Gundy even had the line of the night where he called the Cavs ‘an old married couple who are sick of each other and constantly roll their eyes at every little thing’. Well, a lot of that dates back to LeBron James running Kyrie Irving out of town. An anonymous Cavs player isn’t over it and called Celtics general manager, Danny Ainge, ‘A F*ucking Thief’ for stealing Kyrie in what turned out to be (very predictably) highway robbery for the Celtics.

Jason Lloyd of the Athletic had the following:

“The toxicity level was so high at one point during this season in Hiroshima that one Cavs player turned and looked at me after one of many particularly ugly winter losses,” Lloyd wrote. ” ‘Danny Ainge is a f—ing thief,’ he said. No explanation needed.”


Can you imagine what the headlines are going to be if LeBron loses to Kyrie in the playoffs and Irving didn’t even have to suit up? Can you imagine what the headlines will be if LeBron leaves Cleveland and heads west because he was scared of Kyrie’s future Celtics teams? This series isn’t over but the lack of assets they received in the Kyrie Irving trade may be the sole reason that LeBron James leaves for another city. Notching the 8th pick in the NBA Draft Lottery isn’t going to help his cause for staying either.