Dan Campbell
(Jeff Nguyen/Associated Press)

Dan Campbell Is The Caffeine Junkie People Aspire To Be

We all know that one person who acts like a total caffeine junkie. They cannot deal with interaction until they have their coffee, or their second cup. But those people have absolutely nothing on Dan Campbell.

I mean, who drinks that much coffee? Four shots of espresso and two 40-oz coffees? Absolute madness. I have never met anyone in my life who can come remotely close to this amount of caffeine but Campbell is simply a football guy and an absolute meathead. How is he not shaking like a madman? How can he write something with all this energy flowing through his body? I NEED TO KNOW.

Maybe this is the answer to why Campbell is always hyped and why he is so electric with a mic in his face. I mean, who else would be excited about working for the Detroit Lions? The team has stunk for years – they have not won a playoff game since 1991. Clearly, ownership is an issue.

The Detroit Lions may be pathetic, but Dan Campbell’s coffee order is certainly anything but. In fact, it may be the only exciting aspect of the Lions organization.

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