Dan Campbell
(Jeff Nguyen/Associated Press)

Dan Campbell Loves to Speak His Mind

Yes, Dan Campbell is a meathead, and he certainly embraces that fact, but at least he is bringing some much-needed life to an organization that has been dead for decades. The man is prepared to bring success to the Lions and the Lions fans now have a coach who always has something ready to get the people fired up. On Barstool Sports’ ‘Pardon My Take’, Campbell said that he would give up an arm in exchange for the chance to hoist up the Lombardi Trophy.

Besides a defense, offensive line, and competent running backs, the only thing the Detroit Lions lack is an attitude and culture that players can buy into. Campbell will have players believing in the team in a way that Matt Patricia never could. Campbell is a former player and he knows how to rally the troops. He also displayed his coaching prowess as Miami’s interim head coach in 2015 and worked with the Saints organization as an assistant coach from 2016-2020.

Campbell Is A Perfect Fit For Detroit

At this point, why not hire a guy like Campbell if you are the Detroit Lions? The organization has been wallowing in mediocrity since the 1990s and the time for change has come. The Lions lost receiver Kenny Golladay to the Giants in free agency, and former franchise quarterback Matt Stafford is now playing for the Rams. Now, the Lions are stuck with a lackluster receiving core and an average quarterback in Jared Goff. This team needs someone to get them going, because they can actually scrap with the other bleeding organizations in the NFC North.

Aaron Rodgers’ future in Green Bay is uncertain, the Vikings still trip themselves up every year, and the Bears are in no man’s land. Justin Fields could help Chicago find direction, but he has yet to play a single NFL snap. The NFC North is wide open right now, and Dan Campbell is hungry to take it over. It will be exciting to see if he can rise to the occasion and change Detroit’s method of operating. Lions fans have cause for relative excitement for the first time since the team drafted Stafford in 2009.