Dalvin Cook Gary Kubiak
Dalvin Cook is sad to see Gary Kubiak go. Kubiak retired again from coaching but will his departure hurt Cook’s future production? (Ben Krause/Minnesota Vikings)

Gary Kubiak retired again this offseason and Dalvin Cook rightfully is upset. Kubiak is one of the best running game coordinators in the game. Kubiak found a way to make Steve Slaton, Arian Foster, and other less talented backs into studs. When given a star like Dalvin Cook, greatness happens.

Kubiak has retired again and has often battled health issues. Minnesota is left without an offensive coordinator and the Vikings superstar running back isn’t happy to see him go:

“When you speak on coach Kubes, it’s nothing but positive and just real. That’s what he brought to the table — just a lot of realness,” Cook said in a Wednesday press conference. “He just always shot us straight. That’s what I love in a coach, and he was just one of those coaches that you’re going to admire forever. And those memories that we have from those two years, it felt like five years because coach Kubes is one of those [coaches] he just spits so much knowledge out.

“I was fortunate enough to have him as a coach, but to see him go, it’s tough, man. I feel like he was still spitting more knowledge out. But you know how that goes. We’re going to miss him.”

Cook added that no matter who becomes the new offensive coordinator, “I’m just looking to have a great year with him, this group that we’re going to have this year. And it should be fun. We should have a great team this year.”

Cook had a fantastic year in 2020. The former Florida State product amassed 1,918 yards from scrimmage. Cook ranked second in the NFL in rushing yards (1,557) and rushing touchdowns (16). Cook proved he is one of the best in the business.

Make no mistake about it, losing Kubiak is a big blow. Losing Kevin Stefanski and Kubiak in back to back years is brutal. Minnesota has not named a new coordinator as of yet. However, if the Vikings hire an egg for OC, it’s hard to expect Cook to repeat that kind of success despite his immense talent.