Gary Kubiak
The Vikings believe Kirk Cousins will improve with Gary Kubiak on the coaching staff. They are probably correct to think that (Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports)

So far, Kirk Cousins has been an $84 million mistake. If the Vikings could have a do over on the Cousins deal, I’m sure they would rip the contract up tomorrow. The issue is that $84 million is fully guaranteed. Cousins will be a Vikings for at least 2 more years. While that totally sucks, there are reasons to be optimistic in 2019.

Gary Kubiak was added to the coaching staff this year which is good news for everybody in purple. Vikings offensive coordinator, Kevin Stefanski is convinced that Kirk Cousins will improve now that Kubiak is in town. He’s probably right too:

“I think that all helps,” Stefanski said. “It’s no secret Kirk came up under both coach Shanahans and had some success in that system. There are a lot of similarities then to what we are doing moving forward. There are a couple, obviously you evolve I would hope year-to-year and I hope really week-to-week that our offense looks different.”

Kubiak started his coaching career under Mike Shanahan as a tight end coach. He’s the best Shanahan disciple outside of Mike’s son, Kyle. We’re talking about a guy who won playoff games with shit quarterbacks in Houston. There’s reason to believe that Cousins will definitely improve with big Gary on the staff. Cousins threw 30 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, and 70.1 % completion in 2018. If Cousins tops those marks, Minnesota should return to the postseason.

You know who else is going to benefit from Kubiak? Dalvin Cook. Dear fantasy football players, you’re going to want Dalvin Cook next year. Ask Steve Slaton and Arian Foster how important Kubiak was to their careers. I can promise you that he’s in for a big year under that zone running scheme. Barring injury, of course.