Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless, Please just say-less (Getty/Jamie McCarthy)

If you’ve been living under a rock, Skip Bayless is a Sports “Analyst” for Undisputed with Shannon Sharpe on FS1. This “Analyst” has a plethora of embarrassing takes and is the epitome of a delusional fan. To make matters worse, he’s a Dallas Cowboys fan (although he claims 10 years ago he wasn’t), which as a general consensus, are one of the most annoying fan bases in football, if not all of sports. Unfortunately, as I am myself, Skip is also a San Antonio Spurs fan and regularly makes ambitious tweets that are most unlikely. Then, there’s that whole Kawhi Leonard (sorry I mean No. 2) thing that he’s completely obsessed about. This makes all Spurs fans look bad, because anything he says about them or the Dallas Cowboys is strictly talking like a fan with no common sense. Don’t believe me about Skip Bayless? Let me show you just a few of his takes.


This is only a small sample of his terrible takes. Ah, Tim Tebow, the QB that’s not even playing in the NFL anymore. or even football, is more clutch than Aaron Rodgers, who essentially carries the Green Bay Packers to all of their wins. Or how about Von Miller, who’s arguably the best pass rusher we’ve had in the league for a while.  This man offers no real analysis of either sports and just acts like a fan that finally got a chance to make a fool of himself. Remember kids, you can still make a living and be absolutely garbage at it. But I mean, he’s the real winner here, he can go on TV and say almost anything he wants and be completely wrong and get paid because of the ratings he pulls in. However, strictly talking about sports, his parents unintentionally foreshadowed what you should do with most of his sports analysis and just “Skip” it. For the love God Skip, just Say-Less.