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Crybaby LeBron Is Creating A Worse Tomorrow For The NBA


(Michael Dwyer / Associated Press)

LeBron James should be ashamed of himself for his crybaby antics. It’s creating a worse tomorrow for the NBA. This league is in serious trouble. (Michael Dwyer / Associated Press)

Crybaby LeBron Is Creating A Worse Tomorrow For The NBA

The NBA is in trouble. Adam Silver has given the power to the players and it’s only a matter of time before the league comes to a serious crash. They are getting their teeth kicked in when it comes to ratings and it’s not hard to figure out why. When the face of the NBA is a big time cry baby, you’re going to lose interest. LeBron James should be ashamed of himself for last night and he’s helping to create a worse tomorrow for the NBA.

I think about this video a lot. You can say whatever you want about Austin Rivers as a player. He’s right when it comes to this. Do you notice how the USA never lost international events during the 90’s with Michael Jordan? Do you notice how LeBron was part of several USA teams that lost? The game isn’t played the right way anymore.

We have been over this 100 times. LeBron doesn’t make his teammates better. Never has. Never will. The stats prove that. The eyeball test proves that. It’s a 1 v 1 sport now. Heavy usage rates. No hockey assists. Let three guys stand in the corner. It’s a bad product and it’s exactly why the USA has lost any of these international events.

What LeBron did yesterday was a new low. It’s something that has been slowly building for a long time now. Yesterday pushed things over the edge. LeBron is always going to cry over phantom calls. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do a 360 jump of despair.

6-foot-8, 260 pound pussy. That’s who that guy is and has always been. How about his post-game presser? This man had the audacity to say the Lakers got cheated. Maybe it was a foul. Maybe it wasn’t a foul. Either way, this is so embarrassing.

A: The only thing that LeBron cheats on is his wife. I can find 100 links just like this one. Not sure how much of a secret this one is. He should pick his words carefully when it comes to cheating.

B: The Lakers are 23-27. It’s a bad basketball team. The only person LeBron cheated was himself by forcing management to trade for cancer Westbrook. I’m sorry the universe didn’t make him intelligent when it comes to personnel decisions. Either way, look in the mirror buddy.

C: Does anybody know what a foul is in the NBA anymore? There are going to be missed calls on both sides. I think I can speak for everyone when I say “let the kids play” should be the optimal strategy. Furthermore, nothing was more egregious last night than the BS flagrant foul that totally put the Lakers back in the game.

Nobody with heart and pride thinks this is a flagrant foul. In fact, I’d argue LeBron’s crybaby act is what led to the flagrant call. Had cancer Westbrook just got up within a reasonable amount of time, this never gets called.

I am all for protecting players but at what point have we gone too far? Cry for every phantom call and lay on the ground when you think you have been hit too hard. It’s so sad.

I’m not going to act like the NFL doesn’t have its issues. The roughing the passer thing in the NFL is so ridiculous and everybody knows it. The only difference is even they have more pride. Aaron Rodgers has hidden agendas all the time and he even had this to say.

If Westbrook had any pride he would have told the refs that it was a good hard foul and that there is no reason to review the call. Except we know the story. These NBA players have no pride. I’m waiting for one to take the tampon out of their ass because that’s how they act. In the NHL, they don’t call major penalties unless there is blood. It’s in the rule book. Now that’s a flagrant foul. If I don’t see blood, I don’t want to see your 12-hour review looking at nonsense. It’s totally killing the game.

Forget about playing. Half the time these guys like LeBron sit out games for load management. Forget about back to backs. It’s off-limits for the stars! I want people to watch this clip and imagine it as if they were talking about NBA players. You can’t because this is the new league.

The NBA is in trouble and the crybaby performances by LeBron is creating a worse tomorrow. Welcome to the circus of the NBA! Cry, cry, and cry some more! That’s what the good people pay premium money for tickets for. To watch you cry. So pathetic. Shame on you, LeBron.

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