Good at Basketball

I Wish I Was Good At Basketball

Like all little kids who played sports growing up, I had big dreams of playing professional sports. It didn’t matter if it was baseball or football. But one thing I knew for sure, basketball was never in my future. So now, I just wish I was good at basketball.

I Am Short

This one is no shocker to anyone who has ever met me in person. Outside of one or two people here, nobody at Vendetta knows how tall I am, but I am 5′ 10″, so I am no threat on a basketball court based on size. I was once told it would be hard to get a piece of paper under my feet when I jump, so there is no chance I can jump and defend the rim effectively.

Men’s League Hoops Go Hard

I love competition and being around people competing. The adrenaline that comes from organized sports at any level past middle school can be intense, but once you have a job, men’s league hoops becomes a whole new level. On Monday nights, all my friends play in a big league, and each week I sit on the bench wishing I was half-decent enough to step in and make a difference on the court.

Until then, I will just keep playing slow pitch softball at the local park and try and hit a few dingers. I have no regrets about my time wrestling in my life, but I wish I was able to get wet from three every once in a while or maybe make a flashy lay-up.


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