Casino Survival Guide – Best Way To Make Sure You Leave Alive

In case you missed it, there is a big company trip to Las Vegas in the Fall. “Sin City” is known for a few things, but it is basically a gigantic money hole, and everyone is cool with it. Although I haven’t been to Vegas, I have been to a casino or two in my life, so I am going to give my little survival guide to make sure you leave with a shirt still on your back.

Slow and Steady

In the case of people from Vendetta or anyone going on a multi-day casino trip, make sure your pick out your gambling days ahead of time and budget your money ahead of time to make sure you can make it to the last day. On a four-day trip, I would bring about 20% of my bankroll or preallocated gambling funds for the first two days. If you leave the first day without even making a little bit of money, call it a day early and don’t push your luck.

Mix In a Water

Casino’s are one of the few places where they will give you alcohol for free for obvious reasons. They aren’t usually cheap with their pours with mixed drinks, so things can get out of hand quickly. Mixing in water will not only help keep you sober but make you get up and go to the bathroom and get your barring back.

No ATMs… Screw it, Leave the Debit Card in the Safe

I repeat, do not put your debit card into these devices that are planted at every corner of every casino. Not only the non-bank fee’s it is usually just a sign to hang it up for the day.


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