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Dr Disrespect Is Making His Own Gaming Studio – What Does it Mean?

The video game world boom is something that very few saw coming, but those who did barely could have dreamed how quickly things have changed. The Twitch and streaming industry is not only a livable career path but a way to the same tax bracket as athletes and celebrities. Dr Disrespect is taking the next step for the community and creating his own gaming studio with plans to make his very own video game.

He tweeted that he was looking for a studio head to “change the game” with a link to a job posting. I took a look at what he was looking for in his head game designer, and a few things stood out from his requirements.

“Dr Disrespect in partnership with BoomTV is taking on the game industry by storm and incubating a new AA/AAA gaming studio that has a unique twist to it. The studio plans to forge a partnership with a select list of mega influencers and then work closely with them to launch their dream gaming title.”

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Obviously, the influence part stands out the most, but the Doc’s history, which I am about to get into, could make this a difficult task.

About Dr Disrespect

He is one of the biggest video game creators in the world. Always has been, and always will be, but for a reason that is still mostly unknown, he was banned from the Amazon-owned Twitch streaming platform. That also means that top creators on that platform are not allowed to work with them on stream as part of their TOS.

So guys like NickMercs, FaZe Swagg, and TimTheTatMan all will not be able to play a part in this or at least stream it.


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