Marcus Morris
The Clippers finally got their guy. Marcus Morris is on his way to the Los Angeles Clippers in a 3-way deal. (Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Clippers finally got their guy. Marcus Morris is heading to LA. The Clippers thought they had a contract with Morris in the summer but it ended up fizzling out. Morris gives the Clips a true third option behind Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. They also keep him away from the Lakers.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN was the first to report the news:

I have to be honest, I think this is a huge risk for the Clippers. Moe Harkless does a lot of little things that I’m not sure Morris will do. Morris is a pure scorer can defend. Harkless is a much more willing passer and might be the better defender. The Clippers may have gotten a better talent but I’m not sure they got a better fit. Having said that, I think it was probably worth the risk. Morris’ edge and attitude is something that could push them over the hump in a series.

Morris does give the Clippers an upgrade in terms of scoring. Morris is averaging 19.6 points per game while stroking 43.9 percent from deep. Harkless sits at 5.5 points and 37 percent from 3. Obviously, Morris won’t be scoring like that behind Kawhi and PG13.

The Isaiah Thomas part I don’t understand at all. I hope the Clips don’t actually plan on playing him. He doesn’t fit the Clippers defensive style at all. This trade also probably pushes Darren Collison to the Lakers. That part was a real head scratcher.

The Knicks end up getting Moe Harkless on an expiring and a first round pick. Harkless can be a potential piece going forward. He also has a connection to the area going to St. John’s.

The Wizards get a lottery ticket with Jerome Robinson. To get a former lottery pick (even if he hasn’t panned out yet) for IT, feels like a win.