2019 NFL Draft
The Cincinnati Bengals haven’t done anything right since they drafted AJ Green. Let’s head inside their 2019 NFL Draft war room to see if the Bengals can stop being irrelevant (Doubtful) (Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

The Cincinnati Bengals continue to reign as the NFL’s most irrelevant and boring franchise on the face of the earth. It’s AJ Green and a bunch of spare parts. Even though the Bengals have moved on from Marvin Lewis, this franchise still is just a wasteland. There’s nothing going on here. Do I really have to watch Andy Dalton suck again? It’s time to examine the Bengals during the 2019 NFL Draft. Let’s head inside the war room.

First Round (Pick 11) – Vontaze Burfict is gone. If Devin White is on the board, that pick makes a ton of sense. White is a can’t miss guy. He’s probably a better version of Deion Jones. White is awesome and has everything. Immediate pro bowl linebacker. One of the few guys I wouldn’t pass on if he’s on the board.

Second Round (Pick 42) – This offensive line is a mess. Since Andrew Whitworth left town, the Bengals have drafted numerous replacements and they all stink. It’s time to get a real difference maker in town. Chuma Edoga showed skills to be a hell of a pass protecting left tackle. Tytus Howard looked good at the Senior Bowl. It’s a decent offensive line class. Make sure you go get one Cincy.

Third Round (Pick 73) – The Bengals absolutely have some holes to fill. The truth is it doesn’t matter because Andy Dalton is the quarterback. Now they have Sean McVay’s butler as their head coach. It’s just an irrelevant franchise that has never mattered. Get a real quarterback and I’ll take you seriously. Until that happens, I don’t care what the Bengals do. When you think Cincinnati Bengals, you immediately think of Bill Belichick saying “we’re on to Cincinnati”. Think about how sad that is. Not even an Ickey Woods memory comes to mind first. It’s the coach of the Pats. Try winning a playoff game sometime soon because it hasn’t happened since 1990. The team they beat? Oh, the Houston Oilers and they don’t even exist anymore. Just be better, Cincy. Then maybe I’ll care.