Brian Flores
It appears that Brian Flores is winning the room in Miami. Kenyan Drake wants to run through a wall for him (Mark Brown/Getty Images)

It looks like Brian Flores is winning the room in Miami and commanding respect from the jump. While most of the NFL is trending towards offensive head coaches, Miami went with Flores who doesn’t appear to be a typical New England assistant flame out. Flores clearly knows what he’s doing and the Patriots defense took a big step forward with him calling the plays instead of Matt Patricia. It appears that Kenyan Drake likes his new head coach a lot.

Kenyan Drake appeared on SiriusXM NFL Radio and discussed how Flores has connected with the team thus far:

“It’s interesting just to see how everybody’s already responded to it,” Drake said. “It hasn’t been necessarily him saying much, because he didn’t necessarily say much. He just kind of has this air about him where people are already ready to run through a wall for him.”

That’s a hell of a start. New England assistants haven’t had a ton of success jumping to other teams to become head coaches. Romeo Crennell, Charlie Weiss, Josh McDaniels, and Eric Mangini are just some of those examples. Culture is always the number one ingredient in New England and it appears that Flores at least commands respect. Will it translate to the field? That remains to be seen.

As for Drake, his outlook is questionable. Will he get a full workload? Will Miami use him more out of the backfield? Will the Dolphins draft a back to steal some of his touches? We really have no idea what to expect. Ryan Fitzpatrick is already the biggest wildcard week to week that the league has to offer. I’m sure Miami would like to tank for a quarterback but maybe they actually take one this year? I have no idea what to make of Miami going forward but hopefully, they have the right head coach in place.