Chris Simms

Chris Simms is a guy that covers football. He also played some quarterback for the University of Texas and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That is the extent of my knowledge. That is until now. I never really listened to Chris Simms talk about football before but, of course, he went viral for being a dope. In a take that can only be described as awful, Simms thinks Jared Goff’s game against the Bucs was his best ever.

I don’t love PFF. I’ve said that on numerous occasions. I think a lot of what they do is kind of worthless. However, they nailed this one. The film in the background is important too. Anyone that has watched Jared Goff this year can’t be impressed. Basically impossible. Yes, Goff threw for a lot of yards against the Bucs. He also played like garbage. Uncatchable balls, ugly picks, a bad fumble, poor decisions, etc. Simms must have been watching a different game. Goff has been bad. It’s impossible to have a different opinion unless you’re looking to stir the pot.

Nobody has thrown more interceptions to start out this season than Goff. The former Cal quarterback had 9 interceptions coming into this Week and now has 10 after Week 5. He’s been bad. Really no other way to put it. The threat of Todd Gurley has been diminished which kills the play action pass. Goff hasn’t been the same. That extension is going to look ugly before you know it.

Can we also say this? I know Simms was a former football player but he sure doesn’t look like it. I know this isn’t necessarily important for a media personality, but Simms may be the least intimidating former athlete of all-time. He kind of looks like he would be a good Church organist? Maybe a pizza delivery guy? Look at him. I can’t believe that guy played in the NFL. Anybody that buttons up the top button is a huge pussy. When the analytical nerds are making fun of you for being a pussy, it’s really bad. Either way, his football card should be taken away. Simms clearly has no idea what he’s talking about.