Chris Paul
(Alex Goodlett)

Chris Paul Signs 4-Year, $120 Million Deal With Suns

Free-agent point guard Chris Paul has signed a 4-year, $120 million deal to return to the Phoenix Suns.

First Reported by: Adrian Wojnarowski

The “Point God” will be making his return to the Phoenix Suns, just one hour into free agency opening-up after declining his $44 million dollar player-option yesterday. This is not the only move the Suns made today as they also re-signed spark plug guard Cam Payne for 3-years and $19 million dollars. The veteran point guard bet on himself with a new luxurious deal to stay with the team. The eleven-time all-star will be entering his 17th NBA season with the Suns, coming off his first finals appearance in 2021. The Suns fell just two games short of capturing their first-ever NBA Championship, where Chris Paul was criticized for his play during the whole NBA finals, meaning he will have a chip on his shoulder next season. We just learned today that Chris Paul would be having surgery on his left wrist. He is expected to be ready for training camp when it opens.

This new mega-deal raises many questions for the Phoenix Suns and their future. This deal helps them with cap situations this year, with Paul not earning as much as $44 million that was his player-option. The Suns are now committing to a really old player whose body is starting to reject him even more. Paul dealt with a number of injuries in the playoffs; shoulder, right hand, left wrist, and even COVID-19. Yet, it is easy to see why the Suns are willing to bring back the point guard after he helped the first winning season in a decade.

At what cost, though? Deandre Ayton will be looking for a max deal after his play in the playoffs. Mikal Bridges will also get a hefty payday. Devin Booker is under contract until 2024 with the Suns. He will be looking for a contract extension in the next year or two. It will be interesting how the Suns can manage all this money under the cap. They must if they want to continue to be a championship-caliber team.