Chris Paul and LeBron James

Chris Paul and LeBron James are two of the greatest players to ever play professional basketball in the NBA. Both are undoubtedly top ten players at their positions All-Time and currently in 2021. The two have continued to play high-level basketball at an age where we have seen multiple star players begin to derail from injuries and old age. At 35 years old for Chris Paul and 36 years old for LeBron James their playing days are closer to the end than the beginning but from looking at their play this season you couldn’t tell.

NBA Players Historically Decline After 35

Unlike the NFL which players average career span is 2.5 years, the NBA is almost double at 4.8 years. Superstar players however career spans are much longer but father time will always remain undefeated. Many analysts have done the research to pinpoint that at age 27 a player has reached their peak potential making age an asset for NBA franchises. By age 35, it’s been shown that only players that are the best in their certain skill-set such as shooting or just historically great players are able to still be rostered in the NBA. Currently, there are only 13 players that are 35 or above and active in the NBA. Chris Paul and LeBron James are clearly the outliers from the names on that list because of their consistently dominant play.

LeBron James Is Still The King Of The NBA

LeBron James is currently playing in his 18th NBA season, while also having played in 152 playoff games, almost two regular seasons worth of post-season basketball. Despite the mileage, he has racked up during his NBA career he continues to play at an All-Time great level averaging 25.8 points per game, 8.0 rebounds per game, and 7.8 assists per game. LeBron continues to set new streaks and moving up the All-Time points leaderboard currently ranking third.

He made his 17th consecutive All-Star Appearance, and fourth straight All-Star captain honor since the NBA has revamped the game by adding a draft this season. While continuing to be the best player on a Lakers team leaning on him heavily to produce every night while their other star Anthony Davis is out with injury. LeBron has made one thing clear the road to the Finals runs through him as he has appeared in 9 of the past 10 NBA Finals. In year 18, things aren’t looking like it will be any different for King James in the playoffs. If the Lakers get a healthy Anthony Davis who is the key to their success, they will definitely be a favorite to repeat as NBA champions.

Chris Paul Remains The Point God

Every team that Chris Paul is apart of exceeds the expectations set for them from the beginning of the season. Whether it was bringing relevancy to the Clippers organization, Being the spark to elevate the Rockets to a franchise-best 65 wins and conference finals appearance, or dragging an Oklahoma City Thunder roster that was projected to miss the playoffs almost to the 2nd round of the playoffs. It’s clear that everywhere the 11 times All-Star goes his elite skills as a floor general raises the ceiling and floor for each team.

In Paul’s age 35 and 17th NBA season he is a member of the Phoenix Suns that are coming off a season where they missed the playoffs but ended on a high note with an 8 game winning streak. With the help of Paul, they are currently 24-11, 2nd in the western conference, and a lock for the playoffs. Chris Paul is the veteran point guard that the Suns were looking for.Once again his elite level of play and consistency has helped a team reach a new height even as he continues to age gracefully.