Chris Mortensen
Chris Mortensen has been sub-tweeting Ian Rapoport calling him a rat for Stealing Adam Schefter’s scoops (Rich Arden/ESPN)

Why can’t we get a good NFL reporter? It’s truly a shame. Ian Rapoport sucks at his job. He also lies all the time. Adam Schefter is a total weirdo to the point that he creeps me out.

The best NFL reporter we have takes pictures of guys taking a piss. I must be taking crazy pills or something but I don’t understand how nobody else thought this was outrageous. Anyway, let’s move on. The NFL reporters we have suck. Schefter and Rapoport both need to f*cking beat it. We get it.

Welp, the rivalry between the two has started to heat up. Chris Mortensen, who should have retired 10 years ago, has been sub tweeting Rap Sheet for stealing Schefter’s scoops. Based on Rapoport’s prior track record of being a horrendous reporter, Mort is probably right.

I find this so funny. Partially because it’s probably true. If you ever notice on Twitter, Rapoport always reports the exact same story that Schefter does except one or two minutes later. It’s like clockwork. Schefter actually has sources when he decides that he doesn’t want to be a total douche. Rapoport’s best source is Schefter’s tweet notifications. I can’t remember a time where Rap Sheet has ever beaten Schefter to a story. The only time he does is when the source is directly related to NFL Network I’m guessing.

Do you know what else pisses me off? Why does Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport need podcasts? Aren’t they supposed to report news? I don’t need to hear their opinion on anything. If we could replace them entirely, the NFL world would be a better place. That’s the problem with reporters. They’re too worried about being first on a story instead of being right. We need more Jay Glazer in our lives. He’s the leader in the hen house for me. He just rarely ever breaks stories.