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Chris Mannix

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Chris Mannix Roasts Daryl Morey For Crying About The Boston Media

Chris Mannix
Chris Mannix hammers Daryl Morey for blaming the Boston media for the fact that Joel Embiid wasn’t named an All-Star starter. Must watch clip. (NBC Sports Boston Screenshot)

Chris Mannix Roasts Daryl Morey For Crying About The Boston Media

Joel Embiid was not voted as a 2023 All-Star starter. For some odd reason, Daryl Morey has decided to blame the Boston media. In reality, he should probably blame his own fan base for not trying hard enough. NBA fans everywhere need to hear this rant from Chris Mannix. It’s about as good as it gets.

Hat tip for the quotes via NBC Sports Boston:

“First of all, it’s pandering, obviously,” Mannix said of Morey’s comments. “He’s on a local radio station doing his thing. And I understand it. I gave Daryl credit in the past for being transparent. He went on the radio all last year during the (Ben) Simmons stuff and said what he said. I appreciated that.

“He’s also wrong. Let’s start there. He’s wrong. The media voted Joel Embiid number three. That means he was voted a starter by the media. The players voted Joel number three. The fans voted Joel number four. So maybe, Daryl, you should go to your marketing department and say, ‘How is it that Philadelphia — population 1.5 million — was outvoted by Milwaukee — population 500,000?’ And maybe we start figuring that out from there.”

“But calling somebody shameless — here’s what somebody objective might consider shameless. How about if you’re an executive of a team that you build up in a somewhat contender way, and when that team is on fire and burnt down to the ground, you leave, say you’re going to take some time off, and then weeks later you re-emerge with a contender. Some might say that is shameless, not voting for All-Star.”

It has since been confirmed that Bill Simmons chimed in and says he voted Embiid as an All-Star as well.

Now this is one of several examples where the Boston media should have been blasted.

Sick burn! Give Mannix credit. This took cahones and it was well executed. Man brought receipts and everything. The Boston media is for sure far from perfect but the bottom line is this rant from Morey was ridiculous. Go tell your fans to vote more. End of story.

Also, Mannix is right. Way more shameless to just quit on the Rockets and leave after you crashed the ship then whatever you’re falsely accusing the Boston media of here.

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