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Charlie Kirk

(Ron Sachs/CNP via ZUMA Wire)

Charlie Kirk Is An Idiot and “Done Watching the NBA”

Charlie Kirk
(Ron Sachs/CNP via ZUMA Wire)

So just some background information before I begin, I have never once heard of Charlie Kirk before going on Twitter after the NBA restart. A true “who the fuck is that guy” if you will. After seeing his tweet about NBA players kneeling I instantly hated him and not only for this disgusting take. Charlie Kirk is not only insensitive but ignorant as well.

There are so many things wrong with this tweet. First, not every black person has the natural talent like height, vertical and ability to shoot a basketball to make it in the NBA. Second, you cannot compare the average black person to less than 450 people. The reason I say less than is because every NBA team can (but are not required to) carry 15 players, 30 teams multiplied by 15 players equals 450 total roster spots and not every person in the NBA is black. Third, taking a knee is about bring awareness to police brutality and social injustice. Finally, who the hell are you to have an opinion on this? You have not faced the oppression that black people have, so don’t speak like they don’t face oppression every single day.

I support the players taking a knee. They are using their platform to bring awareness to social injustice like how Colin Kaepernick did by taking a knee in the NFL. With the recent events of police brutality, change is needed and change is overdue. In addition, just because the oppression may not be as severe now does not mean that black people are now on an even playing field. To put this in other terms, think of two people running a race but one person is being held back and prevented from running for the first 20 seconds. Then that person is let go and allowed to run, you can’t “It’s a fair race,” because no way in hell it is and it’s not even close. To make it somewhat fair, the person who was held back needs to be brought up to where the people who was not held back is. Saying that the NBA should “Kick them out of the league” is idiotic. Also, Charlie who the hell cares if you’re done watching the NBA? I haven’t even heard of you before this tweet, do you really think the NBA cares about you deciding not to watch games anymore? Especially since this is far from the first time you’ve played this card…

I said that his tweet on NBA players kneeling is not the only reason why I hate Charlie Kirk and I’m going to show you another reason. In a recent tweet Charlie Kirk talked about Illinois cancelling youth sports for the upcoming school year. Charlie Kirk obviously does not agree with this and lists little risk of dying for kids as his reasoning.

However, this is extremely flawed. It’s not only about deaths for youth but people as a whole. To compare, Illinois has approximately 179,000 confirmed cases. That’s less than the ENTIRE COUNTRY OF CANADA. Canada has a total of approximately 116,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19. Illinois population was approximately 12.6 million as of March 8th 2020 (According to As of writing this article Canada’s population is 37,770,303 (According to As for Trump talking about increased testing being the reason that’s flawed. Illinois has performed 2,649,786 tests as of writing this article (According to Canada has performed 3,889,192 covid-19 tests as of writing this article (According to Canada has performed over a million more tests than Illinois, yet Illinois has approximately 63,000 more confirmed cases. Youth can transmit this virus to their parents or grandparents and both are at increased risk to die from this virus. As unfortunate as it as, shutting down high school sports in Illinois is the right decision and if you disagree then you have no idea what you’re talking about.

I didn’t hear about Charlie Kirk before now and I am not a fan at all. His takes are flawed and idiotic and to be clear, I don’t care about his political views. Social injustice is not about politics, it is about human right. Thinking otherwise is idiotic. Decisions made about Covid-19 are not about politics, they are about life and death. Thinking otherwise is idiotic.

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