WE’RE OFFICIALLY BACK! After a long hiatus with no episodes, The ChicksTape Podcast is back. Yes, I’m sorry about not having episodes during this shitty time of COVID-19. Nonetheless, we came back with a juicy episode about the Orlando Bubble and the narratives in the bubble.

The first topic covers the 8th seed in the Western Conference. Who is going to come out on top to face the Lakers in the first round? Grizzlies? Pelicans? Spurs? Kings? Blazers? We make our official pick here. After that, we quickly discuss the mess of the 7th and 8th seeds of the Eastern Conference. With the current 7th and 8th seeds with the Nets and the Magic, and a team with a little chance to make the playoffs in the Washington Wizards. Also, does it even matter who is the team in those seeds? It seems like whoever is those seeds will get steamrolled in the first round.

After we talk about those seeds, we examine some other seeding matchups in the current playoff standings. In the Western Conference, seeds 4-7 are up for grabs. The teams involved with that are the Jazz, the Thunder, the Rockets, and the Mavericks. How do you think it will play out? In the Eastern Conference, seeds 4-6 could see some shift. The Heat, the Pacers, and the 76ers are all part of that group. See what order we have those teams in their conferences.

We round out this episode with our official picks for the NBA awards. We pick out MVP, Coach of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Most Improved Player, 6th Man of the Year, and Defensive Player of the year. At the end of this episode on the ChicksTape Podcast, stay tuned for another story of the misadventures of Alex and Garrett.