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Tyler Bass

(Mike Kittrell)

Who The Fuck Is That Guy? Fantasy Football 2020: Tyler Bass

Tyler Bass
(Mike Kittrell)

Kickers are valuable assets of Fantasy Teams, don’t let Alex convince you otherwise. In today’s edition of the “Who The Fuck Is That Guy” series we’re looking at another kicker. “Who The Fuck Is That Guy” is the final topic of every episode of the Vendetta Sports Fantasy Show on our Youtube Channel. Everyone on the show gives a random player that no one knows about and no one will ever draft. Yet somehow, someway they will win you your fantasy league. Today we’re looking at Tyler Bass, kicker for the Buffalo Bills and Trey’s pick in episode 8.

Background Information

Tyler Bass is a 23-year old rookie kicker out of Georgia Southern. Bass stands at 5’10 and weighs 183 pounds. He spent 5 years at Georgia Southern, red shirting his first year in 2015, then playing in at least 12 games from 2017-2019. He had his ups and downs in college in terms of field goal percentage but overall he had a solid college career.

College Production

Tyler Bass was at Georgia Southern from 2015-2019. He only played in 2 games in 2016, 12 games in 2017 and 13 in both 2018 and 2019. In 2017 Bass went 27/28 on extra points (96%) and 15/19 on field goals (78.9%). In 2018 Bass took a major step forward as he went 45/45 on extra points and 19/21 on field goals (90.5%). However 2019 saw a major regression for Tyler Bass, he went 36/36 on extra points but 20/28 for field goals (71.4%). Throughout his college career Tyler Bass finished with a 98.3% on extra points and 79.4% for field goals. Overall a solid college career.

Fantasy Potential

In 2019 the Buffalo Bills scored 35 touchdowns and kicked 28 field goals, making 22 of them. They also played a phenomenal Patriots defense twice, so the Bills can score points. Kickers on good offenses are valuable as they are getting more chances to score points. If Tyler Bass wins the starting kicker job, he’ll be a solid fantasy kicker for a Bills offense that only improved with the acquisition of Stefon Diggs.

Path To Playing Time

Tyler Bass has a path to playing time that will be settled in whatever training camp the Bills have and preseason if there is one at all. He’s in a competition with Stephen Hauschka to be the place kicker for the Buffalo Bills. Hauschka went 22/28 (78.5%). Hauschka is due to make over $3 million for the next 2 years and the Bills only incurs $1.25 million in dead money if he’s cut now. Bass could also win this competition simply because he’s a younger and cheap option. Regardless of how Bass wins the kicking job in Buffalo, pick him up if he does.

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