Anthony Lynn
Anthony Lynn apologizes for being a shitty head coach. Looks like the running back coach is starting to show his true colors. The Chargers are a fluke. (Ross D. Franklin/AP)

It turns out the Los Angeles Chargers were a fluke. I tried to tell you that before the season started. Here’s proof. We know the truth why the Chargers are 2-3. They have a great roster with a clueless head coach. Anthony Lynn doesn’t have a god damn clue what he’s doing. Never did. It’s why I refuse to call him anything other than a running back coach. That’s exactly what he is.

After the Chargers lost to the winless Broncos, Anthony Lynn apologized to the media for being the joke of a human being that he is:

“Sorry for keeping you good people waiting,” Lynn said, via Jeff Miller of the Los Angeles Times. “Sorry for watching that damn game. We play like that we won’t beat anybody. That team came here more desperate for a win . . . It was disappointing.”

I tried to tell you this two years ago and I got blasted for it. This article went viral when I called Lynn the joke of a human that he is. People got mad and the Chargers found a way to win some games in a bad AFC. Turns out I just needed to wait a year. There was a Barry Switzer effect going on. The talent took over in year one. Once Lynn put his stamp on the organization, things are going downhill fast. Not surprising for a coach that spent 50 years as a running back coach never moving up in organizations.

The Chargers are one of those teams that feel screwed. Terrible head coach and an aging quarterback. Philip Rivers doesn’t have much time left. LA better not plan on Lynn developing the next guy. That would be a monumental mistake. Anthony Lynn knows the truth. It’s why he apologized for being an awful head coach. There’s no excuse to lose to this Broncos team at “home”.