Chad Ochocinco
(Andrew Weber/US Presswire)

Chad Ochocinco Will Be Fighting On Undercard

Most people are aware that Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Logan Paul will be facing off on June 6. It is all over the internet and the older Paul brother trolled his way to another paycheck again, regardless of if he wins or not. But a lot of people don’t know that Chad Ochocinco will be boxing professionally for the first time in his life on the same night. Ochocinco will be fighting bare-knuckle fighter Brian Maxwell in one of the undercard matches of the Paul-Mayweather event.

Ochocinco Will At Least Put On A Show

While Ochocinco does not have formal, professional boxing experience, he did spar and train with fighters during his NFL career. He was always known for being a tremendous athlete, and he claims he was able to stay in such good shape by training with fighters and going to boxing clubs. Interesting. I always thought the McDonald’s was what was keeping him in top shape.

Chad Ochocinco told ESPN he wants a good fight, but he also wants to do it for the people.

“My goal is to get out alive. I want my face still intact. I want my kids to still know it’s me. But I want to entertain. I don’t want to embarrass those who put the time and energy into me” 

There you have it folks. Chad Ochocinco is a man of the people, he lives to entertain. This should come as no surprise given the fact he is in the upper echelon of trash talkers in NFL history.

This Is What We Have Stooped Down To?

I guess this is what needs to be done to make boxing interesting again. UFC has taken over the mainstream in the world of MMA, and boxing has taken the backseat in the modern era. Because of that, we have seen more non-boxers than ever before take their talents to the ring and fight for their first time. Remember Floyd versus Connor McGregor? How about Jake Paul (Logan’s younger brother) versus Ben Askren, who is a former UFC fighter? Some of these so-called “matchups” blow my mind when half of them never even boxed in their entire life.

But that’s the name of the game nowadays. Just put on a show and get eyeballs on it. The event does not have to actually be a good product, it just needs the build-up of one. It is all about the hype, hence why the Paul brothers have become so famous. Any press is good press.

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