Neymar Nike Separation
Details of PSG and Brazilian forward Neymar Jr. and Nike’s separation last summer have emerged as the star is accused of sexually assaulting an employee. (AFP/Martin Bureau)

Neymar-Nike Separation Over Sexual Assault Allegation

Details surrounding the surprise separation between Neymar Jr. and Nike last summer have finally come to light. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Portland-based athletic company began an investigation into an alleged confrontation between the footballer and a Nike employee at a brand event in 2016. According to the report, Neymar tried to force the woman to have oral sex with him while in his hotel room.

Neymar has been a gigantic figure in football since his days at Santos in Brazil. A deal with Nike was just the first step in securing a spot as one of the most influential players on the planet. The 29-year-old has since signed with Puma and has joined a lineup of footballers including Sergio Agüero, Antoine Griezmann, Marta, and Olivier Giroud.

After the split last year, Nike did not provide any reason for Neymar’s departure and him leaving the brand was certainly a shocker. Nike’s general counsel, Hilary Krane, cited the Brazilian’s failure to cooperate with an internal investigation as the reason the brand deal split.

VIA The Wall Street Journal:

“Nike ended its relationship with the athlete because he refused to cooperate in a good faith investigation of credible allegations of wrongdoing by an employee.

“Ms. Krane said Nike didn’t previously discuss the matter publicly because “no single set of facts emerged that would enable us to speak substantively on the matter. It would be inappropriate for Nike to make an accusatory statement without being able to provide supporting facts.”

A Neymar Jr. spokesperson has denied the allegations as the reason for the Nike separation, and Puma declined to comment to the Journal.