Brandon Jacobs
(Mitch Stringer/US Presswire)

Brandon Jacobs, Defensive End?

Brandon Jacobs, a former New York Giants running back, is eyeing a return to the NFL. This time around, Brandon is interested in playing defensive end.

Jacobs was a prolific running back who depended on his strength and size to run through people. He scored 60 touchdowns in his career with New York and won two super bowls. Jacobs was listed at 6-foot-4 and 264 pounds when he last stepped onto the field.

Retiring in 2014, Brandon thought his career was finished at age 31. Now approaching age 39, Brandon has made it very apparent that he wants to play football again.

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Brandon Jacobs’ Tweets

In a series of tweets, Brandon announced his intent to return.

Jacobs is certainly serious about making a return, especially after Former NFL QB Tim Tebow came out of retirement to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Brandon says his body felt great and that he actually wanted to switch positions in the NFL in a series of tweets from NFL Insider Josina Anderson. Brandon also added that he was not attempting this comeback for financial reasons.

“I owe it to myself”, Jacobs later said in a tweet from Anderson.

It’s clear that Jacobs regrets not trying to play defensive end while he was in the NFL, and this comeback is his last hope at getting that opportunity.

What’s Next for Brandon?

Jacobs seems serious about attempting a comeback. However, it is not a guarantee a team will sign the soon-to-be 39-year-old. It would be very interesting to see how Brandon fares on the defensive side of the ball if a team takes the chance on him. Aside from the Giants doing it out of pure nostalgia, I cannot see another team signing him.

Whether Jacobs’ dream of returning to the NFL comes true or not, we’ll never forget some of the crushing downhill runs he gave us as a running back.

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