Cavaliers offseason needs
Jason Miller/Getty Images

I actually like the direction that the Cleveland Cavaliers are heading. The young talent they have added could be beneficial in the long run. As for right now, there are still a couple things that the Cavs could do. For the Cavaliers offseason needs, there’s only a couple of suggestions that I have for them. Other than that, the Cavaliers will be relevant in due time.

Address The Head Coach Position

As much as I am loving what the Cavs are building right now, the head coach is concerning. First, it was John Beilein and then J.B. Bickerstaff. That isn’t exactly comforting. Sure, the Cavs are young, but their progress can be accelerated with the right coach. There’s so many better coaches out there than Bickerstaff. It wouldn’t hurt the Cavs to explore those options. There’s Kenny Atkinson, Tom Thibodeau, and Mark Jackson to just name a few. I’m not saying by getting a coach they will be making the playoffs, but they definitely will accelerate their timeline for making those playoffs.

Commit To The Tank

If the Cavs are truly going to rebuild this team, they need to commit fully to the tank. I’m looking at you, Kevin Love. Look, Kevin Love isn’t getting any younger, and he still has some juice left to be of use to a contending team. Why don’t the Cavs trade him for more young talent? He is a great trade asset for them and he might be a good mentor for the players but he’s an expensive one. It’s time to let him go. They need to let Tristan Thompson walk, even if the Cavs want to re-sign him, especially for how much they were giving him. He’s nowhere near that much money. IF he comes back for substantially less, then maybe. Other than that, those two players need to go, that is too much cap space being used up to get younger players for them.

Address The Backup Guards

One of the more concerning things about the Cavs is their lack of backup guards. With Matthew Delly expiring and only having really Dante Exum as a backup guard, that’s concerning for the Cavs. The Cavs are set at the wings and big with Andre Drummond, Larry Nance Jr., and Cedi Osman leading the way. But they really only have Darius Garland and Collin Sexton for guards. They’ll need to address this soon if they want to stay on target for a decent timeline.

The Cavaliers offseason needs are not as dire as the others. No, they’re not going to compete next season, they are tanking and it’ll take a couple more seasons at least. However, they have a great foundation laid out and could be on their way sooner than later. They need a better head coach and get rid of Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson. Maybe by trading Kevin Love, they can address the backup guard position, but those 3 things are the on the Cavs to-do list. This is relatively easy and should be done to maximize the Cavs potential.