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The Carlos Correa saga continues: Is the ankle worse than we thought?

The Carlos Correa saga continues: Is the ankle worse than we thought?

Man, this Carlos Correa saga just doesn’t seem to end. He was going to the Giants, who then backed out, which led to Steve Cohen opening the bank to bring the superstar shortstop in, only for that deal to fall through allowing the Twins to swoop back in and re-sign him to a six-year deal.

It was truly a bizarre series of events that seemed like it would never end. And although it seemingly did with Correa signing with the Twins, it appears that there is still some drama regarding Correa’s ankle.

Jon Heyman did a piece Thursday talking about an “iffy” physical Kodai Sengai had. But also mentioned in the article was a doctor’s report on Correa’s injured ankle. The doctor claimed that it was the worst ankle injury he had ever seen and that it was a miracle he got the contract he did.

Now, maybe I’m just a skeptic, but I really think that this ankle injury is being blown way out of proportion. It happened way back in 2014 and almost no flare-up injuries have occurred since. You would think that with how bad it’s been portrayed, he would have reinjured by now, right?

Is this being blown out of proportion?

But no, since being called up to the MLB he really hasn’t had to deal with the ankle in question — not even a sprain, soreness, nothing. The whole thing just seems kind of weird to me, especially when it comes from Heyman, who’s notorious for saying outlandish things for clicks.

Overall, the whole thing just doesn’t quite add up in my mind and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just an attempted “hit piece” on Correa. But who knows, maybe in another four years his ankle falls apart and he’s never able to walk again — at least what it seems like they are saying right now. Or maybe this was all just blown out of proportion and he’s able to remain elite for another decade.

I know the Giants and Mets are surely hoping the ladder isn’t true. They both had a chance to secure him and were scared away by that ankle. I wish we could see a picture of this ankle because I gotta see how bad this is if two different teams passed on him.

Ultimately, is this thing being held together with glue and sticky tape? Maybe Carlos Correa wanted to stay with the Twins and gave both teams doctored photos. It wouldn’t really make sense but hey, I’m not taking anything off the table here.

But regardless of all of this, the Twins certainly won’t complain. They get to lock up their franchise shortstop for the next six years as he hopes to show that this ankle injury is well past him.


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