New York Giants
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Little Giants, Big Plays

The New York Giants are often overlooked in the grand scheme of the NFL. They play in one of the worst, if not the worst, divisions in the NFL and have the third-best odds (out of four teams) to win the division. But something is brewing that I think Giants fans and betters will enjoy. There is a legitimate chance that the Giants win the division and find themselves in the playoffs. This is not a joke or a satirical post. I am 100% serious.

The Division

As previously stated, this division is awful. The Cowboys, Washington Football Team, and Eagles are the competitors for the NFC East. These teams are not world-beaters. Countless flaws plague each and every team, leaving the door open for the Giants to take the division for themselves.

The Cowboys on paper SHOULD win the division. Dak Prescott is getting paid like a franchise quarterback and has numerous amounts of help. The offense honestly isn’t the problem, it’s the defense and coaching. Mike McCarthy was the only possible way the Cowboys could have downgraded from Jason Garrett. This hire was on par with the New Orleans Pelicans hiring Stan Van Gundy. The Cowboys did bring in some talent to fix the defense, but time will tell if it is enough. But McCarthy will be the reason why the Cowboys do not win the division.

The Washington Football Team is still rebuilding. I like the trajectory the WFT is on, but Ryan Fitzpatrick can only take you so far. Fitzpatrick will do well a few weeks then crash and burn and ruin their chances another. Their defense is getting better, and the few playmakers on offense aren’t terrible. But a lack of confidence in the QB and the need for more home run hitters on offense and defense hold them back.

The Eagles are the Eagles. There’s not much else to say. Jalen Hurts is not the guy. The team is old and has no cap flexibility. The Eagles are doomed and doomed for a while.

Judge And Executioner

The greatest advantage the New York Giants have over the other NFC East teams is their coach. I like Joe Judge and what he’s been doing in New York. He’s trying to establish a winning culture that promotes a hard work ethic and is not afraid to get in the face of his players. A lot of people might see this type of coach as old school or only belonging when coaching kids and not professionals, but professional athletes are some of the biggest divas on the planet. They should be able to handle tough coaching, and if they can’t then they will get cut. Tons of credit to the guy.

Judge is the major player in all this and has slowly been developing his roster. The defense has gotten better over the past two seasons, being in the top 10 of points allowed last year, and the offense looks to have improved this year. Saquon Barkley will make his return and Kenny Golladay was a great pick. I’m not 100% sold on Daniel Jones, but I think there is enough there to get buy for now. Remember, this isn’t a post about winning the Super Bowl, just the division. And I think the New York Giants can win the division. Plus, Giants at +450 to win? Sign me up for that bet.

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