Matt Nagy
(Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Matt Nagy continues to be a detriment to his team. Nagy’s gripe with Mitch Trubisky is understandable to an extent. Chicago’s recent four-game skid with Nick Foles at the helm should tell you all you need to know.

Matt Nagy Still Refuses to put Trubisky Back in.

Since Foles took over for Trubisky the Bears’ offense has been even worse than before. The Bears average less than 300 yards of total offense per game which is the third-worst in the league. Nagy continues to deny that he needs to switch back to Trubisky.

I just want to know. What did Trubisky do to Nagy that is making him this way? Did Trubisky bully Nagy and take his lunch money? Nagy has consistently stated that Trubisky’s ship has sailed and it’s Foles’ time. Is that really worth costing the Bears a playoff berth?

Nagy Won’t Admit Foles’ is Garbage.

Look at whatever stat, metric, or matchup you want Trubisky is better than Foles. The way this offensive line is playing it would be better suited to have a mobile quarterback like Trubisky back there. Foles managed to throw no touchdowns and one interception on Monday night in a loss to the Vikings.

There is no way Nagy could’ve watched that game and been thinking Foles is still my guy. Foles was missing receivers all over the place throws way over their heads. Throws that fall six feet short of the target. It is bad really bad.

Before the last drive, Foles had to be carted off the field with an apparent hip injury. Whether this opens the door for Trubisky remains to be seen as the Bears enter their bye week and further evaluation is needed on Foles’ injury.

Nagy needs to swallow his pride and give Trubisky another shot. Now I’m not saying Trubisky is a good quarterback. I’m simply stating he is better than Foles. Nagy cannot ignore this problem anymore. It is killing the Bears and causing that offense to be even worse than it already was.